Watch: Echo Yachts’ 84m hybrid motor yacht White Rabbit underway

Written by Charl van Rooy

Following successful sea trials of their new flagship, Echo Yachts has unveiled new material of the grand 84-metre White Rabbit as she cuts through the waters outside Perth ahead of her delivery. Built for an experienced repeat client, White Rabbit is the largest trimaran motor yacht in the world and also the largest superyacht ever built in Australia.

Under intensive tests and with 5,000 kW of power engaged, White Rabbit managed to reach a top speed of 18.7 knots in fair conditions while simultaneously running house loads on board. Under more economical conditions, White Rabbit also performed with only two 1,00 kW generators running to achieve speeds of 13.7 and 12.8 knots under full power and 75% power respectively. 



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