Watkins Superyachts launches Maritime Security Service

Watkins Superyachts Ltd. has joined with Special Projects and Services Ltd. (SPS) and Unity SPS as their preferred security partners in a new maritime security facility, Watkins Superyachts Secure, aimed initially at piracy protection. In addition to combining with the services of SPS for the large yacht market, Watkins has considerable interaction with commercial shipping companies to whom the more commercially-oriented Unity SPS services would be more attractive.

In what is believed to be the first publicly offered partnership of its kind, Watkins Superyachts Secure is promoting the legal and effective provision of armed security to both yachts and commercial vessels transiting high-risk areas.

Andy Young, Managing Director of SPS commented “SPS and Unity SPS are delighted to have been selected as the preferred maritime security providers for Watkins Superyachts Secure for both the superyacht and commercial maritime markets respectively. Both companies aim to provide best practise and a very high level of service in their separate markets and this has been recognised by Watkins Superyachts Secure”.

Commenting on this new facility, Watkins’ Managing Director Capt. Adrian McCourt said, “I am delighted to be able to offer the services of SPS to my superyacht clients and Unity SPS to my commercial shipping interests. Current moves to regulate or vet PMSCs are, in my view, completely inadequate and I have to be able to give my clients a security service that is quality assured.”

Watkins Superyachts Ltd
Adrian McCourt
+44 7880 602106
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