Westport spices up W125 interior with new Italian-designed option

Written by Charl van Rooy

American shipbuilder Westport has teamed up with Italian designer Giuseppina Arena to create a new offering of interior styles on board its W125 line of motor yachts. The idea behind the collaboration is to appeal to a larger pool of potential clients hailing from Europe, by offering a more familiar style of design and one that is more suited to the Mediterranean way of life. Westport Yachts 125 rendering

Having engineered and designed its superyachts in the past completely in-house, together with a few North American designers, this is Westport’s first attempt at working with a designer to draw the attention from its non-American clients. Giuseppina Arena's Westport W125 interior designPhoto: Giuseppina Arena

The project, therefore, is built on the use of clean lines, a simplistic and functional arrangement of furniture on board as well as the use of very high-quality materials and fabrics. “After viewing Westport’s strengths and high quality of in-house furnishings,” comments the Rome based Arena, “I chose simple and elegant lines. I also took into consideration the production process of the yard without distorting it, by introducing details that could be 'accessory' elements and customisable by the client to make their own superyacht unique.”Giuseppina Arena's Westport W125 interior designPhoto: Giuseppina ArenaGiuseppina Arena's Westport W125 interior designPhoto: Giuseppina Arena

In addition, free-standing furniture was used to create a more formal ambience, all of which are handmade in Italy along with all leather surfaces used on board. “The shipyard wants to convey to customers that they are not limited to only creating luxury boats with a typical American style,” continues Arena, “but they are also open to challenges that lead to the creation of interiors in a contemporary European style, guaranteeing elegance and timeless quality.”Giuseppina Arena's Westport W125 interior designPhoto: Giuseppina Arena

The first W125 unit in Westport’s fleet was unveiled in August 2016 during the launch of Black Gold. Two other units have since been launched in the line and Westport is currently building hulls 4 and five of the series.



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