Behind the scenes: What makes a Baglietto superyacht

Written by Laura Nicholls

The Baglietto yacht brand has withheld an impressive heritage since cruising into the 20th century with their ground-breaking new motor, sport and military boats and the first-ever hydrofoil prototype. Since then, Baglietto has evolved, but the specific qualities that earn a superyacht the Baglietto stamp of approval still ring true. Baglietto 10231 exterior design Photo: Baglietto S.p.A. Baglietto 10231 yacht in buildPhoto: SuperYacht TimesFrom collaborators such as Francesco Paszkowski, the designer who has done more than any other to define the brand’s signature aesthetic over the last 25 years, to Project Manager Davide Pistorello, who started in the production department 13 years ago, the expertise of the workforce is certainly one main attribute to the shipyard. The entire workforce was fully engaged in the shipyard’s transition from constructing solely aluminium boats to steel vessels. “Baglietto was one of the first to construct aluminium speed boats, and so we expanded to the La Spezia yard to start building bigger boats,” Pistorello explains. Baglietto 40m RPH exterior rendering The natural evolution of the brand saw that, despite their racing boat heritage, Baglietto was delivering displacement and semi-displacement superyachts. “The market asked us to go into displacement, which has made, in my opinion, our range is quite big and I don’t think we will expand as I know that the top management will keep 70 metres the biggest boat and between 38 and 40 metres the smallest,” he adds. Now with four new-builds under construction at the shipyard, both the in-build 40 and 54-metre signed with Horacio Bozzo are noticeably different from what is usually produced by the historic shipyard, representing a stage of evolution for Baglietto as it expands its portfolio of designers to meet the demands of its international clients. Baglietto Abaco yacht concept Photo: Baglietto SpaCatering to their clients has not only affected on the type of vessel that carries the Baglietto name, but also the layout. “Clients are asking for a lot of space, the largest tender possible and quality - they always want the ‘wow’ effect. Most clients also look for a very generous owner cabin, and low-levels of noise is important,” notes Pistorello. Now positioned on the front line as Project Manager, Pistorello oversees the development of the new 40-metre and 48-metre projects, which he describes as “boats people will talk about.” Baglietto 10233 yacht exterior design Photo: Baglietto SpaDevelopments are also occurring at the shipyard in response to the demand to be eco-conscious, and Baglietto has a strategy in place to ensure they are trailblazers for green technology. “We have a lot of meetings discussing eco-technology with our engine manufacturer, who are proposing a new, green version of our engine with electric propulsion. There is something in the works to help reduce the NOx excess, and our technical department along with the regulation body are discovering the right way to implement this strategy. They are also reviewing the costs of electrical propulsion, as batteries may be green, but they are expensive. Everyone is moving towards being eco-friendly and so, we are preparing for three years ahead of time to meet what will be the new generation of propulsion. We have the papers ready but we need an owner who wants to apply it.” Severinos yacht leaving Monaco Photo: Baglietto SpaAlso contributing to the stand-out features of a Baglietto product is the shipyard’s exclusivity. With very few deliveries per year, the shipyard produces low numbers to heighten the owner’s experience during the build. As Pistorello explains: “We become a family as we love to share the experience with the owner, and not just the build. If we had 10 to 15 deliveries per year, the owner just becomes a number. This way we can invest into becoming more technically advanced which in turn, increases the quality. A Baglietto is tailor-made because when we sit down with the owner, we are there to make their dreams come true.”   Baglietto 43m Fast 10226Baglietto’s considerations to the owner’s experience is proven with their latest builds. The aluminium 54-metre currently under construction has been adapted with a shallow draft so that the owner can cruise the Bahamas. With a large beach club, spa and multiple fold-down platforms, the design was initially in a package for a sub-500 GT superyacht and, for the first time, Baglietto has appointed Hot Lab for the interiors, providing another opportunity for the owner to customise. The shipyard’s prioritisation of the client is also reflected in their build strategy, as Pistorello explains: “We have a lot of platforms that we have been working on over the last three years. When an owner comes to us we are ready to provide him with a successful and proven platform. This also gives us an advantage on the build time.”    Michele Gavino Photo: Baglietto SpaBy utilising their advanced attention to detail and quality, flexible and tailor-made designs and expert workforce, Baglietto has built themselves an impressive fleet and a reputation to match. The characteristics of a Baglietto superyacht reflects their ambition to blend experience and tradition in a product that exudes Italian craftsmanship and state of the art technologies. since the Gavio Family took over the shipyard in 2012, Baglietto’s fleet of over 10 stylish superyachts will continue to grow, prooving that the Baglietto product remains a well-sought after tailor-made product, which Pistorello modestly describes as “a joy to create.” 



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