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Written by Kayla Dowling

Based in the Netherlands, nestled among some of the most renowned superyacht builders in the world, is Lift Emotion, a specialist supplier of bespoke elevator solutions across the yachting, offshore, residential and commercial sectors. Currently working on an array of exciting projects with top shipyards such as Feadship, Oceanco and Damen Yachting – just to name a few – and having undergone a major upgrade at its facilities in Meppel, the Netherlands, Lift Emotion has risen to be one of the top elevator solutions providers for the superyacht sector. SuperYacht Times spoke with Mike Brandt of Lift Emotion to find out more about what’s been happening, the company’s unique approach to designing lift solutions and some exciting projects we can expect to see in the future.Lift emotion liftThe clear uptick in demand for new-build superyachts has also been met by a demand for lifts onboard these projects in progress. Lift Emotion has also felt the surge and has just completed an expansion of its assembly hall in Meppel. The assembly hall holds the latest technology and not only allows the lift provider to build more elevators, but allows it to do so more efficiently. The facility is where Lift Emotion designs and constructs its projects, which are then assembled on sight inside of the yacht itself. While its current catalogue of projects include some of top shipyards, they also provide bespoke solutions for different sectors including luxury residential projects.Lift Emotion facilitiesDue to its extensive experience across different sectors, Lift Emotion’s team of around 30 people draws upon a breadth of knowledge from design, all the way through to implementation, which helps them to produce bespoke lift solutions that often require technicality and precision. Brandt noted, “Building a lift on a superyacht can prove to be very challenging due to space constraints and also because it must serve an aesthetic purpose in addition to its functionality. Our team’s expertise helps to streamline this process and create centre piece-worthy lifts onboard.” Lift Emotion elevator in buildAble to provide lifts on new build projects or during refit, the design process often proves arduous. Striking a balance between clients’ expectations and the actual material conditions of the project – for example, space, budget, aesthetics – is challenging, but Lift Emotion has a proven track record of its ability to deliver on such points. The process of designing and implementing a lift spans between 20 to 24 weeks and depends on the scope of the project. This process involves determining the best type of lift to use, which is contingent on several factors including the type of vessel, the available space and the aesthetic needs of the lift. 

Different types of lifts include hydraulic and belt-drive, and the implementation of these solutions is contingent on the aforementioned factors, but according to Brandt, “oftentimes on superyachts it is most dependent on the space available and the aesthetic requirements.” Here is where Lift Emotion’s previous experience in not only the superyacht sector but also commercial, off shore, and marine sector, comes into play.Lift Emotion elevator renderingLift Emotion’s proven track record explains why the company has a packed order book for shipyards such as Feadship, Oceanco, Damen Yachting, Turquoise Yachts and more.Lift Emotion elevator renderingThough Brandt was unable to disclose extensive details of such projects due to the confidential nature of his line of work, he was able to discuss the scope of these projects. They currently have three glass belt drive elevators in production at their facilities in the Netherlands. One is for a luxury home in France while the other two will eventually be placed onboard superyachts. These two are both five stop glass elevators, one of which will go to a superyacht in Greece and the other to a 120-metre project in the Netherlands.Lift Emotion elevator in buildThough it appears that these three projects are similar, they each required the implementation of bespoke solutions. Mike explained, “We had to implement a five stop elevator with no space under or above the lift, which resulted in using a drum drive or belt drive. We found that the drum drive took up too much space and was less aesthetic. With our belt drive, we were able to avoid both of these disadvantages. The result is absolutely fantastic; the lift cabin will float between two drive pillars for a truly spectacular appearance and operation.” In addition to providing bespoke lift solutions for new builds, Lift Emotion also delivers for refits.

To find out more about Lift Emotion’s impressive bespoke lift and elevator solutions, revisit their website below.



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