Whatever happened to... Playmobil?

Written by Merijn de Waard

In this series of articles, our intelligence team looks at some unique yachts about whose current whereabouts we have little information - one yacht being the 31.52-metre Playmobil.Playmobil yacht anchored off Iles Sainte- MargueritePhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesShe was built in Germany by Brandstätter in 1990 and is one of the more unique looking motor sailors. The Brandstätter Group is the company behind the toy brand Playmobil and she was built for the owner of the company.  

We also know that she was refitted at some point at Amels when they still had their yard in Makkum, the Netherlands.  Playmobil yacht anchored off Golfe-Juan Photo: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesThe last time SYT saw the vessel was In May 2006 in the South of France where we took the photos that are shown in this article.
Playmobil yacht anchored off Golfe-Juan Photo: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht Times
If you have any recent photos of Playmobil or have more information about her current whereabouts then please contact our intelligence team at [email protected], or contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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