WhisperPower at METS 2014

WhisperPower and sister company Hybrid Power Systems recently enjoyed a 5th successful year at the annual METS show in Amsterdam, held from 18th to 20th November. Displaying a restyled logo and new pay-off, WhisperPower state that they were once again well received at the show.

This years METS was also the opportunity for the Dutch company to kick off an international promotion campaign, highlighting ‘new school’ power systems and integrated power systems solutions with the All-in-One generation. In addition to the systems, the brand new small, lightweight and silent Piccolo 4 kW compact generator also attracted the attention of visitors.

Discussing a recent 46 metre Royal Huisman project, Owner of WhisperPower, Roel J Ter Heide, comments, “We've delivered a very quiet, very smart power system, with small, compact diesel engines that generate power using our Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Technology. The owner is very happy with this system. The yacht is also equipped with a shaft generator of 50kW so when the yacht is sailing it generates all its power from the water, which means they can switch off the generators when underway under sail.”

The company have already confirmed their presence at METS 2015, where Hybrid Power Systems will show the next generation of high power hybrid systems for superyachts.

By Gemma Fottles



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