Why are National Marine Suppliers the go-to for yacht supplies?

National Marine Suppliers specialises in offering a comprehensive suite of worldwide yacht support services, catering to every facet of the yachting industry, from worldwide logistics, to parts and supplies, from your bow to your stern. On the cusp of their 35th anniversary, CEO Dean Dutoit stated: “Our company's evolution mirrors that of the yachting industry. Initially, we didn't foresee becoming what we are today. The industry's rapid changes surprised us all. In the past, 100-foot vessels were considered superyachts; those are now tenders next to some of today's vessels, and support vessels are even larger than the yachts”.Dean Dutoit, CEO of National Marine Suppliers Photo: National Marine SuppliersDean Dutoit brings a wealth of experience from the yachting industry, having progressed from a yacht crew member to a superyacht captain. During his tenure onboard, he identified a critical gap in the supply chain for yachts traversing the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. This insight led to the realisation of the urgent need for a reliable supply network to support the unique demands of the yachting sector. Dutoit emphasises: “Recognising a niche, I embarked on creating a more efficient solution. Our business philosophy is to keep the yacht owner affording his boat as long as he possibly can in the most cost effective way possible”.

The expansion into numerous divisions by the company reflects a response to identified industry needs, highlighting a commitment to finding more efficient and cost-effective solutions for service and product provision. This approach, spearheaded through a focus on wholesale operations and transparency with customers, demonstrates a comprehensive engagement with the industry. Dutoit explains, “Our objective is to be as price competitive as possible”. National Marine SuppliersPhoto: National Marine SuppliersNational Marine Suppliers began with hands-on efforts, directly approaching vessels at docks to supply them, a practice that continues today. Dean Dutoit outlines this evolution from initial deck equipment supply to comprehensive engineering solutions, then to yacht interiors. This progression underscores a strategic diversification based on industry needs, moving from supplying essential items like boat soaps and varnishes to more complex products and services, including engineering components, luxurious interiors, and necessary provisions.

Recognising the necessity to cater to both the crew and the owner, the provisions department was established 25 years ago to perfect global shipping and packaging techniques. This initiative led to the establishment of a medical supplies division, where everything is managed in-house, ensuring all staff are MCA certified for the packaging of medical containers.National Marine SuppliersPhoto: National Marine Suppliers

Dutoit further highlighted National Marine Suppliers' distinctive approach to competitive pricing, '”For example, we used to purchase an AED defibrillator from a local medical company that was selling AEDs for higher than MSRP to the yachting industry. We now acquire the same exact AEDs in bulk directly from the manufacturer for significantly less reducing markups, and we offer it to our customers for remarkable discounts of 30% less than MSRP, saving them a substantial amount of money on these and a variety of other items. This showcases the excessive inflation and mark-ups on certain products, prompting us to develop our own uniform line Yachtwear. Realising there was a more sustainable approach, we shifted to using recyclable plastic fabric for all our yacht crew uniforms, illustrating our evolution from one department to another”.National Marine SuppliersPhoto: National Marine SuppliersOperating within the global yachting sector presents unique logistical challenges, from regulatory compliance to the management of hazardous materials. Dutoit points out that, “the primary issue lies not in the ability to purchase and deliver goods, but in managing the complexities of delivering to yachts located in the most remote parts of the world and staying there for short periods of time”. Which is further complicated by ever-changing shipping regulations, particularly those concerning hazardous materials, packaging requirements, and the escalating costs associated with shipping.

Captain David Krokoski of the motor yacht Impetuous further affirms National Marine Suppliers’ capability in managing the complexities of delivering to yachts stating: “I have depended heavily on NMS to keep my programs running smoothly, especially when an emergency issue arises. The vessel managers maintain a catalogue of past purchases, engine serial numbers, and machinery on board so that in busy situations, I can just name the part I need and not spend hours researching during an owner's trip. I have never once had a time where I absolutely needed something, and NMS wasn't able to pull it off for me”.National Marine Suppliers tender transportation via airplane Photo: National Marine SuppliersNational Marine Suppliers has strategically perfected its logistics in-house, allowing for the identification and fulfilment of needs in various global locations. By establishing offices in key yachting hubs like Savannah, New England, Saint Thomas, Saint Martin, Antigua, the Netherlands, Italy, and New Zealand, the company ensures direct representation and staff presence in the world's most important yachting locales. This network supports the company's European operations, focusing on new builds and the Mediterranean season, while the New Zealand office provides a pivotal base for Pacific operations. Ramar Lovelace, Chief Engineer of motor yacht Solis affirmed: “National Marine Europe has been a longtime partner with the crew of Solis. They are the go to company for sourcing and shipping spares. A few words I may add are efficient, reliable and professional. Thanks to Illan and the team at National Marine Europe for always doing their best.National Marine SuppliersPhoto: National Marine SuppliersThis strategic placement not only facilitates efficient service delivery but also keeps customers well-informed and connected to their orders across different regions, overcoming challenges such as significant time differences. Commenting on their efficient delivery capabilities, Chef Jonathon Els on motor yacht Abeona highlights: “I have been using National Marine Suppliers on a few different yachts over the last ten years, not only are they able to source the very best quality produce but most importantly they are able to ship it to wherever you may need it, when you need it. They are specialists in obtaining the correct import-export permits and will communicate with you and guide you as to where and when is best to ship your produce to”.

Addressing the significant topic of sustainability in the yacht supply chain, Dutoit highlighted National Marine Suppliers commitment to sustainability within the yacht supply chain, focusing on eliminating harmful chemicals and acids as well as single-use plastics from onboard use. He stated, “we are actively phasing out non-biodegradable soaps and acids, transitioning to eco-friendly product lines. Our efforts include carrying brands dedicated to producing fully sustainable and biodegradable items, essential for ocean conservation.”National Marine Suppliers Photo: National Marine SuppliersNational Marine Suppliers latest initiative, developed over two years, introduces a recycled plastic material aimed at fostering sustainability. Named Yachtwear, the brand’s innovation reflects the industry's shift toward environmental responsibility. Dean Dutoit highlights the broader environmental challenges within the yachting industry, emphasising that “while aspects like fuel usage may not be inherently beneficial for the environment, every effort towards sustainability, no matter how small, can make a significant difference."

Addressing the issue of plastic use onboard, Dean Dutoit maintains that National Marine Suppliers shift towards more sustainable options like aluminium cans and paper-based products for water and other supplies, moving away from hard plastic bottles, which are detrimental to the environment. Despite the high demand for products like Fiji water, the company is actively working to educate the yachting industry about the importance of adopting sustainable practices. They strongly support the growing number of crews and owners demanding that onboard supplies contribute to a sustainable future, reinforcing their commitment to environmental stewardship.National Marine Suppliers company photosPhoto: National Marine SuppliersNational Marine Suppliers is dedicated to continuous improvement, from software upgrades to facility enhancements, ensuring operations become more efficient. The facility is consistently being updated, with last year witnessing significant developments, such as the relocation of shipping and sales areas. The company focuses on enhancing efficiency, thereby improving customer service. Additionally, it provides an online portal for customers, offering the convenience of real-time order tracking, significantly enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.Mi Amore yacht aerial with her toys Concluding it best Captain Stewart V. Fontaine on motor yacht Sycara V stated "National Marine Suppliers has been my ‘go-to’ source for everything yachting for nearly 30 years. I have worked with their purchasing specialists in every department from New-Build to Deck, Interior, Engineering, Provisions, Uniforms and Bunkering. “They are truly a ‘one-stop shop’ with knowledgeable, dedicated professionals that become part of your extended crew, making the task of operating a superyacht as efficient as possible. Remembering what it was like in the time before there was National Marine, I can't imagine today's yachting industry without them."

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