WHY Yachts unveils 37x24

Since the successful launching of September 22, 2009, Why, the innovative project focused on unprecedented stability, unparalleled volume and sustainability, has been further developed improving the design, introducing the new Why37x24, and finalising the engineering as well as the construction plan. As a result of the eight month sustained activity of the design and commercial departments, the highly acclaimed Why is entering the operating phase according to schedule.

Why has so far generated hundreds of contacts and press articles worldwide: a huge and extraordinary coverage for the yachting industry. To fully exploit this success, Wally has signed a business partnership with brokerage houses YCO and Yachting Partners International (YPI Group) to develop and organise the customer plan of the breakthrough concept which may well be set to revolutionise the luxury yacht market.

The 1:1 mock-up of WHY58x38 was built in Ancona, Italy as an essential tool of the intensive R&D programme. The possibility to test the innovative design ideas in real size, has lead to some modifications of the original project. The Design Team has improved five different main features:

1. the shape of the Venetian blind sliding roof that support the 900 sqm photovoltaic panels, has been changed to a flat surface rather than rounded as it was before. The new design maximises the efficiency of the panels and provides for the full exploitation of the living areas of the terraces. As a result, the roof now includes fixed parts (wheelhouse roof and lateral sections of each terrace roofs) and seven movable parts (three identical ones on the Upper Deck roof and on the Owner’s deck roof, and one on the Wheelhouse Deck roof that can be only orientated but not retracted)

2. the interior area aft the Wheelhouse has been fully exploited: the new layout of this area features two guest lounges along with the Captain and the First Officer cabins.

3. the proportion between interior and exterior volumes of the Upper and Owner decks has been revised to further increase the interiors: the new accommodation layout provides for the Owner’s suite with two double cabins, and six guest cabins, for a total of 16 guests.

4. the deck walk-around has been improved reducing the gradient to 8 degrees max; the result has been obtained by lowering the Wheelhouse deck level of approx 40cm and by moving the start of the ramp aft

5. the forward swimming pool has been widened by reducing the bulwark and moving slightly aft the helipad.

The new Why 37x24 (37m long and 24m wide) is developed to complete the range, offering the same concept in the smaller segment. Like the larger 58x38, the hydrodynamics of the 37x24 are designed by Roar Ramde, the Norwegian naval engineer who developed the Ramform vessels, Mauro Sculli and Claudio Cicconetti, naval architects.

Why 37x24 provides for the same unique and unparallel characteristics as the WHY58x38, from every point of view: design, stability, sustainability and volumes. This model features three decks and accommodates up to 10 guests and 15 crew.

The living area is 1,000 sqm. The target price is between 42 and 46million EUR.

The complete and exhaustive Preliminary technical dossier of the 58x38 that includes the ProShip and RINA plans, is ready to be submitted and quoted by the three selected shipyards (one in the USA, two in Europe). The outcome of the consultations defining price and building times, is expected for July 2010.

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