Whyko sells Sanlorenzo SD92 One My Way

Whyko Company has announce d the sale of a Sanlorenzo SD92, named One My Way, the 14th hull in this series, designed by Francesco Paszkowski.

One My Way features a chic and bright interior, with the atmosphere of a casual, New England yacht club. Designed by Marty Lowe, it features white linen sofas, Berber carpets, Hermรจs chairs, bleached wood cabinets, navy and phthalo blue detailing.

Marco Fiorani, founder of Whyko together with Nico Laude commented: โ€œI'm very happy about how we closed the contract with the owner of this SanLorenzo SD92. Thanks go to Marco Viti, SanLorenzo Vice-President, whose precious contribution to the operation assured that no time was lost. Today, quick answers and rapid decisions are the key to maintaining leadership in this rapidly evolving sector. The extraordinary thing here was that the details regarding the delivery of the yacht were completed in only 32 days!โ€

By Maarten Janssen



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