Wider-Pajot 145 EcoYacht catamaran concept

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Pajot Yachts has collaborated with Ancona-based shipyard Wider Yachts, to create a new 44-metre catamaran concept, the 145 EcoYacht. This revolutionary aluminium and carbon catamaran follows the launch of the 115 EcoYacht last year by Pajot Yachts. 145 EcoYacht catamaran conceptThe 145 EcoYacht is designed to create more volume, deck space, and give increased performance, over its smaller sistership. Alongside this new model, Pajot Yachts will now offer more customisation on both designs with helm and galley positions, and configurations.Wider-Pajot Eco Yacht 145 interiorWider-Pajot Eco Yacht 145 interiorMarc Pajot of Pajot Yachts, commented, “The synergy with what I have been developing with our eco catamaran and the superyachts produced by Wider is exceptional.” He adds, “The eco credentials are now an important factor in expectations and demands from the new eco-aware yachting customer. Adding leading edge hybrid power-train technology developed by Wider and their specialist technical partners and suppliers, has created a unique yachting opportunity and experience.”Wider-Pajot Eco Yacht 145 exterior145 EcoYacht catamaran concept

The 145 EcoYacht catamaran will have extensive deck space including a swimming pool, a beach club to stern, and various lounge and sunbathing areas. The 145 EcoYacht will also have hybrid-propulsion making it more environmentally-conscious.145 EcoYacht catamaran conceptMarcello Maggi, CEO of Wider, remarks, “We are just beginning an age of eco awareness for yachting as a whole and Wider will be at the leading edge of this technology at all times, from hydrogen power to the dawn of new power sources such as Thermionic Converters. I am personally very excited about our partnership with Marc Pajot, and his exceptionally talented team. Together we will build some spectacular eco hybrid catamarans, setting a new benchmark on the oceans.” Wider-Pajot Eco Yacht 145 exterior



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