Wider Yachts discusses ongoing projects

SuperYacht Times recently talked to Sales and Marketing Director of Wider Yachts, Jeremy Roche, at the latest edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, where Wider discussed the soon to be launched 150’ superyacht as well as future projects for the shipyard.

Can you tell me what’s going on with Wider right now?

With the imminent launch of the 150 Project Genesi, our efforts are focused on ensuring that we complete all of the outstanding details required to guarantee that the operation goes ahead seamlessly. The area requiring a final push is the unique Wider beach club. This aside, the yacht is now fully painted, scaffolding has been removed, decks have been sanded and all of the engineering systems have been thoroughly tested over the last 8 to 10 weeks.

The interior is 80% complete – although some areas more so than others. The sky lounge has the entire interior flooring as well as all the interior furniture fitted, as have the owner’s apartment and main saloon. The trolleys, which will move the yacht from the yard to the basin for launching, are on site and the big step now is getting her in the water!

When is she expected to be delivered?

We are talking to a number of interested parties and, to a certain extent, it depends on how we progress with these clients but the 150 will need 8 to 12 weeks of commissioning after launch.

There have been a lot of new orders recently. Do you think this is a very sellable boat?

Very much so. Around late April, the amount of inquires we received, the general level of interest, and the number of visits to the shipyard from both brokers and customers increased dramatically. At the end of the Cannes show we did a quick report in terms of numbers of qualified registrations we had in comparison to the previous years. It was five or six times more. Interest is massively on the up.

How is the 165 coming along?

We’ll be talking about the 165 a lot more over the coming months. The plan is that when the 150 leaves the main shed, the 165 which is being built in the shed just 500 metres away will be lifted up with same trolleys and moved to the main shed for outfitting. This is scheduled for the 25th of October

Right now, the aluminium hull and superstructure have been completed on the 165, all tanks have been pressure tested and we’ve also made good progress with some of the piping. She needs to be moved to the main shed for the next phase of construction, so wiring, painting preparation, interior outfitting, etc. We’re looking at a delivery in the fourth quarter of 2016, and that one has been sold already.

Are you already considering your next project?

Yes. The idea is to start building another 150 as soon as we sell Project Genesi. With the 125, we’re working with three or four potential customers at the moment but won’t start the 125 project until we have something signed. We’re also talking to several customers about possible larger projects.

It’s a very challenging project in terms of technology. Has it proven to be more challenging during the construction than you anticipated?

It’s largely proven technology which is common in military and commercial applications. We are adapting it to a yacht, but we are using very well-known suppliers and they have experience working in this area. Of course there are challenges along the way, but this is the case with all yachts whether traditional propulsion or Diesel Electric. While the boat was in the shipyard, we organised a rigorous testing programme to make sure that everything is working.

By Merijn de Waard, photos by Wider Yachts



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