Inside Amadea: Lürssen's 106m yacht for sale with Imperial

Written by Charl van Rooy

Following a top-secret construction period, ever since her launch day on that crisp April morning back in 2016 at the Lürssen shipyard in Rendsburg, Northern Germany, motor yacht Amadea has remained a complete mystery. Now, three years later, the veil that has been concealing her interior secrets has been lifted. As one of the largest yachts on display at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show and today officially listed for sale with Imperial, we can now find out what makes Amadea one of the most sophisticated superyachts on the market.Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

As central agents, Imperial has been involved in the project from day one - long before she was known as project Mistral while in build at Lürssen. This story, as with many of Imperial’s trend-setting new-build projects, started with a vision from an owner who knew exactly what he wanted. “Our client wanted a striking, unique vessel with an aggressive and strong behaviour while cruising,” explains Imperial's Director, Julia Stewart, “as well as first-class, luxury interiors that would reflect his expectations.”Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialWith this in mind, Imperial had to gather an all-star team that would enable them “to translate these expectations into reality,'' according to Stewart. The familiar trio consisting of designers Espen Øino and Francois Zuretti together with the German heavyweight builder soon became the obvious choice as the project took shape on the drawing tables in Monaco and Nice. What many custom superyachts have in common is a central theme that connects the design and the intended usage of the yacht and Amadea is no different, as Stewart recalls: “This vessel was conceived, designed and built to have the most memorable family moments aboard, and this quality time was at the centre of every discussion we had.”Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

“We worked with a very enthusiastic client on this project who really appreciates good design and was looking for something very specific,” begins Øino. “The design started off at around 90 metres in length, and as real designers, we used the GA as our starting point. As we continued developing some of the features on board we soon realised that we needed more space and so the project grew to its current size of 106.10 metres.” Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

The partnership shared between Imperial and Øino has without a doubt contributed to the ultimate success of Amadea, a project he proudly refers to as “one of our most sophisticated yachts yet.” Stewart agrees: “It has been a unique opportunity to have Espen on our side for all these years now and we are proud to have achieved Amadea with his help and creativity. Amadea couldn’t be anything else than a fantastic achievement for both of our companies thanks to the strong relationship and friendship that we share.”Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

But it’s not only the Norwegian designer that shares ties with Imperial. Francois Zuretti is also no stranger when it comes to working with the Monegasque firm, having collaborated on several projects in the past. Zuretti’s Project Manager, Matthias Benoist explains how their respective working styles complemented each other: “Imperial’s approach differs in that they are known for pushing the boundaries and for managing their projects entirely. Their managing style, much like that of an interior designer, is very thorough with a strong focus on the details.”Amadea yacht by LürssenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

After experiencing the ultra-modern exterior and slick style of her outdoor spaces, Amadea’s interior challenges the senses with a traditional yet highly sophisticated ambience, as requested by the owner. “The owner was looking for an authentic, classic representation with the integration of classic furniture from the 18th century,” adds Benoist. To achieve this, not a single piece of furniture could be sourced from the shelf and Zuretti designed each loose piece of furniture and had it custom made for the yacht. Zuretti’s level of attention goes far beyond the obvious, extending to finer details such as decorative elements including the books that line the shelves and alcohol displayed behind a bar - it all needed to match. Amadea yacht by LürssenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

To create the authentic sensation of the period style that the team was after, only the finest materials we used to create layers and layers of detail that make up the complex structure of intertwining elements. Where masonry was used, only the finest existing onyx and semi-precious marbles such as Tiger Eye would do. Luxurious variants of wood such as burl were selected. “We also worked with refined marquetry and bronze moulding with a 24K gold finish to achieve the desired look all around the yacht,” says Benoist. Amadea yacht by LürssenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

Seven individually-styled guest cabins are spread across the bridge and main decks, each with their own theme and distinguishing decor. Cabin names such as Emerald, Burgundy, Aqua and Saffron already give you a hint of what to expect from each of these living spaces, and the reality doesn’t disappoint. “We chose coloured marbles to match the fabrics and artworks in order to keep a connection between the different elements,” Benoist explains. The pièce de résistance of the guest cabin arrangement comes in the form of a full-beam VIP suite forward on the main deck. Adorned with delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet and finished with a haze of pastel pinks, this unmistakably feminine room is fit for a princess. The suite is split into four sections with a large ensuite, private lounge and separate dressing room, each with unobstructed views from the vertically-slit hull windows on either side of the cabin.Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by LürssenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / Imperial

“The fantastic job achieved by Francois Zuretti and his experienced team deserves a special mention”, concludes Stewart. “From the double-height ceiling on the main deck with its atrium overlooked by the owner’s deck above, to the exceptional winter garden on sun deck, everything about her interior is a symphony of tailor-made furniture, assembled with the finest materials. She remains the pride of our New Construction team, and for our company in general. She is the testimony of Imperial’s savoir-faire.”

Inside Story

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialBuilt for comfortable family life at sea, Amadea is filled with home-away-from-home features that make daily life on board an unforgettable experience. A multipurpose room on the bridge deck aft dressed as a comfortable cinema room makes for a perfect private conference facility or fun games-night setting for the entire family. The grand main staircase linking every deck on board - from the sun deck to the tank deck five levels below - is beautifully clad in crisp white marble with elegant red carpet steps fit for royalty. Down here, on the lower deck, guests can escape to a delightfully Moresque-inspired wellness centre where a hammam, sauna and massage room awaits, decorated with soft and warm colours. Strategically located on the lower deck, the wellness centre leads out into a wellness room at water level where a fold-down balcony and day bed creates one of the most relaxing and discreet hangout areas anywhere on board. 

Top Tier

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialWhere some yachts may dismiss the sundeck as an afterthought where sunloungers go to waste, Amadea has mastered this deck into a top-tier entertainment space unlike any yacht before her. A splendid winter garden, a favourite feature amongst her design team, crowns the yacht as a true showstopper feature. “The winter garden on the sun deck is one-of-a-kind space on a superyacht,” says Zuretti’s Matthias Benoist. “Having a gastronomic dinner prepared by the Chef there is such a unique experience.” With the main galley located down on the lower deck, a special summer kitchen was installed here to create a true culinary experience with complementary snappy service to round it off. The ‘formal but light’ dining area, however, is not the only highlight on this deck. Outside, a fixed raised sun lounge surrounds a cosy plunge pool for a more toned-down aquatic experience than the massive mosaic-lined swimming pool on the main deck. Hidden away and out of sight are two aft-facing fixed balconies, each with a built-in sun pad from where you can watch the sun set before settling in for an overnight passage. 

Principal Pleasures

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by LürssenPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialStretching from the very forward tip of the yacht all the way aft and ending in a premium viewing area with its own outdoor fireplace, the owner’s deck is the epitome of comfort and luxury on board Amadea. Described by Imperial as a ‘retreat’, the owner truly has access to just about everything he could desire, including a private gym, beauty centre, living room and lounge and office space. Another vital feature for the owner was a helicopter deck for direct transfers to destinations ashore. As the eighth and largest stateroom on board, a discreet access point to the heli deck from the owner’s suite makes instant takeoff a breeze. Inside, a large cut-out in the owner’s saloon floor makes for a dramatic view over the main saloon below, drawing your eye up to the intricately detailed ceiling panels which get picked up again on the teak deck outside. Here, a grand bar with side glass panels to protect from the wind is a favourite pre-dinner gathering area while the firepit - one of two on board - at the very aft creates just the right ambience to end a night with friends. 

Clean Cruising

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialFollowing an industry-wide requirement put in place in recent years, the latest generation of big new-build projects each contains some form of emissions-reducing technology with some being more advanced than others. In this sense, Amadea is proofed for the future as she is fitted with a state-of-the-art HUG unit that works to purify gasses emitted from the yacht’s diesel auxiliary exhausts. It is the filter cartridges inside the HUG units that remove harmful particles from the exhaust gasses while high temperatures then burn off any collected particles. After exiting the HUG units, the gasses pass through silencers and are ultimately expelled as a more eco-friendly and yacht-friendly substance. Not only does the environment benefit from this technology, but so does the crew, with far less residue being emitted by the yacht meaning less hull scrubbing and mast cleaning.

Mini Me

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAmadea yacht by Lürssen tenderPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialConsidering the level of customisation in and around the yacht, it is no surprise to find that Amadea has her own two bespoke guest tenders hidden inside the full-beam tender garage. Designed by Øino and built by Windy’s Yacht Projects Division, the partnership between the Swedish day boat maestros and designer goes back to 2014 when their first bespoke superyacht tender was delivered to the Lürssen-built Ester III (now Elysian). Based on the same hull design, the two 11-metre tenders were with two very specific purposes in mind. “We designed the two custom tenders to match the same style of the mothership with the same materials and quality as you would find onboard - they even have a miniature version of the albatross figurehead as seen on the mothership. The open-style tender is designed for the owner who enjoys driving it himself while the limousine tender is for taking guests ashore with some more protection. A glass roof slides open when the weather is good”. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, with a Pascoe Beach Lander workhorse, four Sea Doo jet skis and a seemingly endless menu of water sport toys making for one of the largest water gear inventories on any yacht. 

Taking Control

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialAlways connected, Amadeas’ bridge is just as modern and future-proofed as you would expect. Her paperless chart system is developed for the next-generation sailor while redundancy systems throughout the wheelhouse provide the confidence and security to safely explore never-before-seen regions around the world. It is from here that Amadea’s captain has direct contact with the yacht’s engine room to control critical systems such as the two pairs of Quantum Zero Speed stabilisers, the inline Voith Transverse stern thruster and the 300 kW Schottel Pumpjet stern thruster which get Amadea in the tightest of berths with full control. Built for autonomous and unrestricted cruising, Amadea comes fitted with two MTU 20V 4300 kW engines that provide enough power to push the 4,402 GT vessel to a top speed of 20 knots. For a more comfortable cruising experience, her cruising speed of 13 knots can be maintained for an astonishing range of 8,000 nm - enough for a non-stop trip from Monaco to San Francisco, Cape Town or Perth. 

Viewing Vistas

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialWith guest outdoor relaxation areas typically concentrated around the aft decks and some forward-facing areas on board most yachts, Amadea goes a step beyond with several idyllic hangout spots placed around her side decks, most notably the four seemingly floating balconies forward on the owner’s deck and sundeck. What makes these unique social pockets possible is the same design element that makes her so striking when seen from above. “These ‘clamshells’ as we call them have become quite a signature part of the yacht which is something we developed together with the client,” explains Øino. Turns out, the protruding overhangs not only make for excellent visibility from the two bridge wing stations but also create the perfect hideout for a relaxed afternoon at sea. Directly outboard of the owner’s stateroom one finds these infinity viewing platforms that are transformed into a sensual social area at night with soothing mood lighting. Surrounded by a wall of virtually seamless glass, these wind-free fixed balconies will change the way guests spend time out on deck. 

Dream Team

Amadea yacht by Lürssen Photo: Guillaume Plisson / ImperialThe success story that forms iconic yachts such as Amadea doesn’t simply take shape overnight. In the 15 short years that have followed since the delivery of Imperial’s first superyacht project, the firm has perfected their new-build strategy and pride themselves on working with some of the top shipyards and designers from around the world. Espen Øino is one such artist, having worked together with Imperial on several industry-challenging projects. The Norwegian’s partnership with German shipyard Lürssen on the other hand, is even more impressive with a fleet of no less than 30 yachts completed together with the world’s largest yacht builder. It is a partnership that Øino clearly values as he goes into detail about some of his career highlights with Lürssen. “We have enjoyed a very active journey with Lürssen which has resulted in some very exciting projects so far. It all started in the 90s with the design of the 126-metre Octopus. Our long partnership has meant that we have perfected the design and engineering processes for each new build. It has allowed us to capitalise on the common elements shared by these projects such as the technical platforms and engine rooms while keeping every design unique and true to each owner’s tastes. At the end of the day, this is what really matters.”

As of October 2021, Amadea is no longer on the market.

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Amadea yacht for sale

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