Yacht Auditing International now operating worldwide

This month Yacht Auditing USA partnered with Scott Bartle forming Yacht Auditing International. Scott will be running the UK base, covering Europe, Asia and the Australia’s. He brings with him a high level of expertise in project management and yacht captaincy. Scott will also be heading up the shipyard based program as well as the “Yacht Turn Around” system where they first aim to repair before replacing onboard operations.

Yacht Auditing International's staff includes degree qualified professionals, some who specialize in project management, others in corporate relations. Operating yachts with demanding programs has contributed largely to their knowledge base.

Bridging the Gap
Yacht Auditing International was formed to fill a void in the luxury yachting industry. Independent verification of yacht operations did not exist. Dramatic improvements in ownership enjoyment, cost savings and crew retention, are often not visible to parties so closely associated with the operation of a yacht. Their services focus on identifying and improving these issues to mutual benefit.

Improvement Tools
Initially conceived as a tool for ownership to fine tune onboard operations, establish progressive operational plans and educate captains, numerous other auditing applications became apparent.

Occasionally, ownership is concerned with representation on board whilst they are absent. Yacht Auditing International offers a ‘health check’ as part of the auditing service for peace of mind. They are able to provide tailored auditing to ownership’s requirements.

Additional Services
Yacht Auditing International is able to assist in the performance enhancement of yacht operations. There are many yachting schools that teach navigation, legislation, safety, silver service, mechanical skills, etc. They offer training purely on the operation of luxury yachts - processes that make up daily running of a yacht. Examples include crew moving to larger yachts or not having the benefit of a proper handover.

Yacht Setup / Turnaround
Occasionally, in depth recommendations may not be sufficient to ensure implementation. Yacht Auditing International's long term guidance program involves follow up visitation and remote implementation support.
• On board crew management
• Accounting processes
• Owner reporting
• Interview training
• Crew communications
• Specialist areas of concern
• Ongoing support

Yard Planning
Project management is a crucial skill in managing high dollar refits. Should an audit indicate more education is needed, they offer a guidance program to assist captains.
• Scope definition assistance
• Cost & scheduling definition assistance
• Yard liaison assistance
• Tracking & monitoring assistance

Specialist Services
Should there be a need for specific services, please discuss your requirements with Yacht Auditing International.
• Budget preparation
• Charter operation training
• Introduction of efficient standard practices
• Ongoing support and mentoring

Yacht Auditing International
+1 410 652 8083
[email protected]



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