Yacht Carbon Offset and Antibes Yacht Show continue their partnership in 2009

Antibes Yacht Show 2009 has taken action to balance estimated carbon emissions from the event, in partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset. This follows its similar action in 2008, for the show that saw the launch of Yacht Carbon Offset’s specialist service.

This Carbon Offset balances the greenhouse gas emissions due to estimated electricity consumption at the Show, including shore power for the yachts, plus allowances for deliveries & business travel by exhibitors. The carbon balance is achieved through equivalent emissions savings delivered by independently verified green energy projects around the world.

The Partners are inviting attending yachts to Carbon Offset estimated fuel used to reposition the vessels. Look out for individual certificates on board participating yachts at the Show.

Antibes Yacht Show’s action, and that of the attending yachts that participate, reflects best environmental practice amongst leading luxury yachts. An increasing number now Carbon Offset their fuel to pro-actively address greenhouse gas emissions whilst preserving the full performance and luxury of the yacht.

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson added “Our clients usually choose to balance the greenhouse gas emissions from their yachts’ engines, but Carbon Offsetting the Antibes Yacht Show demonstrates that the concept is flexible and can balance emissions on shore or from air travel too.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Antibes Yacht Show 2009, where owners, charterers and yachting professionals will be bringing together their ideas and plans for the coming season. We are confident that the benefits of Carbon Offsetting, in terms of personal satisfaction and yacht reputation, will feature in those plans for many, given the ever-increasing focus on environmental performance across the industry.”

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited
Mark Robinson - Managing Director
+44 20 7016 7700
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