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Yacht Carbon Offset partners with Antibes Yacht Show 2008


This year the Antibes Yacht Show will be carbon balanced – thanks to an exciting new partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset. Responding to current concerns about the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions, Yacht Carbon Offset has launched a specialised voluntary Carbon Offsetting service for yachts - a service that empowers yacht-owners and captains to balance their CO2 emissions by making CO2 savings elsewhere in the world. It all sounds great – but how does it work?

Managing Director Mark Robinson explains: “We begin by calculating the CO2 emissions from the yachts’ engines, taking into account the different specifications of fuel used. Then we approach the international carbon trading markets and purchase the corresponding quantity of high quality carbon credits. These credits fund programmes which are independently verified and would not take place without this support – examples are renewable power, methane recovery, energy efficiency and other carefully selected projects worldwide. We deliver a verifiable certificate to the client showing the fuel purchased really has been carbon balanced.”

Yacht Carbon Offset recognises that restriction on the use of yachts, helicopters and water toys would detract from the enjoyment of ownership and chartering. Balancing carbon emissions with Yacht Carbon Offset is a practical way to make a real difference without compromising on the prime purpose of owning or chartering a yacht – to have some fun!

Petra Malloier of the Antibes Yacht Show says: “AYS is committed to carbon balance in 2008. When selecting our offset provider we chose yachting specialists Yacht Carbon Offset for their expertise in the field. We are pleased to be working together, on what promises to be a very successful show.”

Robinson adds: “Yacht Carbon Offset look forward to an exciting 2008 - the timing of our launch for the Antibes Yacht Show could not be better given global interest and the start of the 2008 Mediterranean season. Come and see us at the show!”

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