Top yacht design concepts released this month

Written by Parisa Hashempour

Amphibious crab-like designs, futuristic interiors and underwater glass helipads — there is a lot to love about the yacht design concepts that have landed on the scene over the past month. Read on to see a selection of the latest concepts presented to the industry during January 2021. 

50m Explorer by MP Yacht DesignMarcelo Penna (MP) Yacht Design 50m Explorer yacht concept The design of this explorer-style 50.26-metre yacht, also named Explorer, has been optimised to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests and 11 crew. The vessel comes with an efficient hull to provide long-range cruising and transpacific autonomy – which the designer said is to appeal to those owners wanting to travel for long periods of time to escape the pandemic. Notably, the yacht sports a large 115-square-metre aft deck to accommodate tenders, submarines, cars, and more.

70m Nzuri by Kyron Designs Nzuri yacht exterior designPhoto: Kyron DesignThis 70m concept marks the first release by the new startup design studio, which has networks in both New York and the Bahamas. In a word, the design of this yacht is futuristic, housing the latest window technology by Kinestral. She features a steel hull with a partial fibreglass superstructure, which means she can operate in all kinds of climates. The design includes 10 cabins providing accommodation for 20 guests and eight cabins sleeping 28 crew plus the captain.

107m Ocean One by Ludes Ludes Design 107m Ocean One concept renderingsThe OI yacht design concept by Ludes aims to be a chic vessel harking back to the “unobtrusive” looks of earlier yachts in the 1920s; the design pays homage to classic ocean liners. With an impressive length of 107 metres, she will have a beam of 17 metres and a total height above water of 27 metres. She will feature three pools, the largest of which will sit at 11.5 by 5.5 metres. In addition, she will also have a helipad, hydraulic sunken helicopter garage with glass walls.

25m Pagurus by Lazzarini Design Pagarus yacht exterior designPhoto: Lazzarini Design Studio This crab-inspired yacht design from Lazzarini Design is the latest in the creator's line of nature-inspired concepts. Solar-powered and coming in at 25-metres, the “amphibious catamaran” draws its power from both sun and water. When the Pagurus reaches land it can increase its draft by lowering down the rotating cylinders to transform the catamaran into an amphibious vehicle, able to move on sand or mud terrains to speeds of up to 30kmh.

120m Emir by Gresham Yacht Design120m Emir concept exterior render by Gresham Yacht DesignPhoto: Gresham Yacht DesignLondon design studio Gresham Yacht Design has revealed its latest concept: the 120-metre Emir. The yacht features two certified helipads and space on board for 36 guests assisted by 40 crew. The yacht will contain a biodigester to eliminate organic waste, NOX and harmful particulates by up to 90%, among other features, to reduce her environmental impact.

26m Drakkar S by Max ZhivovDrakkar S yacht concept exterior designPhoto: Max ZhivovThis Viking-inspired yacht design uses artificial intelligence, meaning it can be controlled by autopilot with the possibility of remote control and artificial intelligence allows her to moor and avoid potential obstacles. On board, guests can use their smartphone to set a destination for the yacht in a dedicated app and stay cruising for up to four days. Plus, on account of solar panels that cover 80 square metres on the yacht’s roof and an electric propulsion system, the Drakkar S is an environmentally-friendly vessel.

30m ROCK XL by Vripack Rock XL yacht exterior design Photo: Vripack Vripack’s new yacht design takes their 25-metre explorer ROCK and adds not just size but some functional improvements. The builders have expanded the living spaces onboard ROCK XL by 50% compared to the original design. Plus, an additional 9 metres of length also enables the expansion of the sky deck, which sports a newly designed pool and lounge area.

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