Feadship begins rebuild of classic 1950s superyacht Istros

Written by Saskia Henn

After decades spent cruising around the Mediterranean, the 42-metre motor yacht Istros is undergoing a major rebuild with Feadship. Built in 1954 by Amsterdam Shipyard Ltd. G. de Vries Lentsch Jr. for the Greek shipping family Pappadakis, she was one of the largest motor yachts built in the Netherlands at the time. The name Istros, meaning ‘inspiration,’ was an appropriate name, as she impressed everyone who came on board with her advanced radar system and onboard telephone, which was not as common at that point in time.Istros arriving in MonacoPhoto: Malcolm John WoodIn more recent years, the idea of a rebuild for motor yacht Istros has been discussed and restoration was attempted several years ago, but funds were depleted and the project stalled. Now under the care of a new owner, Istros has a second shot at the rebuild, the first steps of which have already begun at a yard in Malta. 

The first task was to remove her original superstructure, which was done last year in order to replace it with a new aluminium superstructure. Istros’ hull was also stripped so that it could be reconditioned and reused during the rebuild.Istros yacht arriving in Makkum for re-buildIn addition to these changes, a new engine room will be constructed for twin C18 engines, a C4.4 diesel generator and a Capstone DC560 gas turbine generator. Incorporating new parts the originals will result in a unique historical vessel that has not sacrificed the materials that are now normal, if not necessary, to have on board. This ensures that her rich history only trickles into the aspects of her build that are harmless, so as not to jeopardise the safety of her future passengers. Istros yacht arriving in Makkum for re-buildDespite the underwhelming sight of the rusty, bare hull arriving back in the Netherlands, Feadship has big plans for Istros. Istros’ unique possession of characteristics both old and new will be seamlessly integrated into the Scandinavian styled interior. The Dutch shipyard has designed a vessel that is both family-oriented and child-friendly, making her perfect for charter use. Istros yacht exterior design refit



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