Yacht Maintenance Solutions all inclusive care and maintenance contract

As a captain or yacht owner you will surely recognize the following: Suddenly there is a technical failure. Followed by an annoying delay and a lot of phone calls, because what company must be called? And how much time does it take to get the replacement components? And where again did you keep the manual?

Now there is the Yacht Maintenance Solutions (YMS) all inclusive care and maintenance contract, which makes an end to all these annoyances once and for all. It is a unique maintenance concept of a Dutch company that focuses on relieving sailors and motor yachtsmen completely. As the only one in Europe, Yacht Maintenance Solutions – which is managed by a captain – takes over the complete technical and organizational care for all installations on board, irrespective of brand or supplier. Whether it concerns engines, generators, hydraulic systems, pumps or electronics, they are all systematically and perfectly maintained and also repaired if necessary under their own management. Depending on the amount of technical instruments and installations, YMS will visit the ship several times a year for inspection and/or maintenance. All work is done effectively and skillfully by own yacht technicians who obviously all have a passion for yachting!

Modern motor yachts and sailing yachts have many technical instruments and installations. Properly functioning installations are crucial for holding optimal value of the ship, for the safety and for the comfort and sailing pleasure of the persons on board. A Yacht Maintenance Solutions care and maintenance contract guarantees that the ship works like a well-oiled machine throughout the year, without burdening the owner or the captain with the maintenance. And that is because Yacht Maintenance Solutions does not only take care of all the technical maintenance, it also fully takes care of the organizational and logistic planning involved.

At the office they work with a specially developed Yacht Information Management System, in which each ship is completely documented, including maintenance history, lists of components and manuals. Each repair work on board that has been carried out or that has been planned for the future is digitally recorded and scheduled or – in the event of replacement components – ordered in advance. The maintenance is carried out by our own technicians. The moment a YMS yacht technician comes on board, it is crystal clear what (preventive) work has to be done and all components needed are present. By doing so possible problems are solved before they manifest themselves and the ship will always sail safe. And if any unexpected defect should still be discovered, just one telephone call will do. The technical support department can be contacted 7 days per week.

Yacht Maintenance Solutions is an initiative of captain Toine van Seumeren. As ‘master of all ships’, he has sailed thousands of nautical miles. During his foreign trips, Toine experienced personally what it means when a ship cannot sail as a result of a technical problem: “Ordering parts or getting a technician is often a laborious process, which means having to make endless telephone calls. Needless to say, this leads to much annoyance. Moreover, you lose precious sailing days, while the result remains to be seen. Wrong components, technical botch jobs, no maintenance reports or unreasonably high invoices, I have seen it all. There must be a professional solution for that, I thought.”

Back in the Netherlands Toine van Seumeren came into contact with Erik Pompe, a keen sailor and also the owner of 4Some technical management: a company specialized in management and maintenance of building-related installations: “Our shared passion for yachting combined with our additional (nautical) technical backgrounds resulted in setting up Yacht Maintenance Solutions. We absolutely offer an ‘all under one roof’ solution for yachts. As one technical partner, we have the technical know-how, the manpower as well as the logistics to maintain all on-board installations, from bridge to galley. What we want is to take the weight off our clients’ minds, so that they can optimally enjoy cruising. Moreover, we charge fixed contract prices, which actually excludes unpleasant financial surprises. Indeed, our clients know what they have to pay beforehand. Due to our central management we can plan most efficiently and that has its effect on our contract costs.”

Yacht Maintenance Solutions (YMS)
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