The 93m superyacht Oniric concept by Francesco Castello Studio and PGYD

Written by Saskia Henn

The studios Francesco Castello Studio and PGYD Yacht Design have completed the collaborative project, the 93-metre yacht concept: Oniric. 

Oniric yacht conceptPhoto: Francesco CastelloAble to accommodate six guests, Oniric features two VIP cabins and two guest cabins, as well as a gym and spa. A garage acts as a mooring bay and allows for the limousine tender to moor while guests are on board, making it easy for guests to embark into the beach club. A helipad is also included for those who desire the option to travel by air as well as by sea.

Oniric yacht deck conceptPhoto: Francesco CastelloOne of Oniric’s unique features is the twin infinity swimming pools on either side of the main deck. The excess water trickling over the hull is recirculated after being collected by the recovery system. With a spacious platform running between the two pools for easy manoeuvrability, guests may choose to wander in and out, or even program the two pools for different temperatures to accommodate swimmers’ preferences.

Oniric yacht deck conceptPhoto: Francesco CastelloWhile Oniric’s exterior features lines characteristic of naval vessels, her interior style is reminiscent of a cruise ship with a panoramic elevator and a double spiral staircase providing 360-degree views. 

Oniric yacht interior conceptPhoto: Francesco CastelloWith a glass wall connecting the lounging area to the main deck pools, guests can feel connected to the water even while indoors. This feeling is heightened by the surface level windows towards the bow, as well as the continuous glass window reaching through the central area, which is the height of three decks.

Oniric yacht interior conceptPhoto: Francesco CastelloBoasting a total of five decks as well as a sun deck, there is enough outdoor space for the owner to enjoy the entire private top deck, with access to it from the helideck. The owner can also enjoy an additional 170 square metres, consisting of a private sitting room and dressing room, as well as an office. The outside deck acts as a private terrace, further contributing to the private nature of the owner facilities.

Oniric yacht conceptPhoto: Francesco Castello



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