Yacht Smart Brokerage has developed EcoSmooth

Yacht Smart Brokerage has developed EcoSmooth, the first of its kind anti vibration and noise reduction damper to fit yachts and ships. EcoSmooth, designed and engineered after years of research, can be used successfully in a wide range of other applications such as turbines, generators and aircraft. With great sensitivity to global warming, Ecosmooth is designed to save energy, improve engine efficiency, and help save the environment.

YSBI www.yachtsmartbrokerage.com is fully committed to providing professional yacht servicing and maintenance world wide. We are also working to reduce global warming with the introduction of EcoSmooth.

Derry Bigby director for YSBI says” EcoSmooth is an easy to fit product that gives passengers increased comfort levels, by reducing the machinery noise and vibration inherent in all vessels and vehicles. EcoSmooth reduces vibration, noise and wear and tear. This significantly improves fuel efficiency and economy. It also drastically reduces wear on bearings, so maintenance costs are lower. Our contribution to global warming is brought about by understanding and working with yachts and ships for over 30 years”

YSBI design engineers and technicians have paid special attention to ensuring that EcoSmooth has the capability to be used in as many applications as possible. EcoSmooth will play a key role in reducing costs, improving passenger satisfaction and contribute towards the battle of global warming.



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