Admiral to build new 100m Project Titanium with 2025 delivery

Written by Laura Nicholls

A brand-new 100-metre superyacht, Project Titanium, has been signed with the Admiral shipyard. Due to be completed in 2025, Titanium will feature a complete design by Winch Design. Imperial is acting as the owner's rep and build supervisor.  100m Project TitaniumThe new project is said to have been designed with "the intention to find the perfect balance between high-end quality standards and high-tech solutions with particular attention to eco-sustainability." She will be fitted with a diesel-electric propulsion system powered by Azipods.  The Italian Sea Group company photoPhoto: The Italian Sea Group“Project Titanium confirms the strong and undisputed position of Imperial as one of the major brokers of the superyacht industry. We would like, first of all, to thank our client who put his trust in us to develop and confirm this outstanding project. Partnering with esteemed professionals such as Admiral and Winch Design is another proof of the reputation Imperial has gained throughout the past 15 years to create a certain idea of exigence, dedication and detailed achievements within our industry," says Imperial Director, Julia Stewart.  

Imperial is now a consolidated partner of ours with whom we are capable to share know-how, values, and purposes,” says Giuseppe Taranto, The Italian Sea Group - Admiral Vice Chairman. “Titanium represents our concrete step as a world-wide key player in the industry as well as a fine example of our production capabilities, being able to offer the most incredible client’s experience. We are now fully integrated into the 60 to 100-metre segment and, for sure, comparison with Northern-European shipyards comes at ease in terms of efficiency, quality and performances, while we surpass them for flexibility in accomplishing the most demanding client’s requests," he adds.  

“Embarking on this project brings equal measures of pride and excitement for the Winch Design team, and follows a huge amount of hard work already achieved. It’s a privilege to be working with the esteemed Admiral Yachts on the build, and again with the management team at Imperial. Project Titanium is incredibly dynamic and will be a landmark for the industry," adds Jim Dixon, Director, Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design.



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