YachtAid Global campaign for disaster relief efforts in Vanuatu

YachtAid Global (YAG) has called on the yachting industry to support its ongoing fundraising efforts for aid in the island nation of Vanuatu in the wake of the destruction of Cyclone Pam, which devastated the area in early March this year. The California based non-profit organisation is also requesting support in Micronesia after Typhoon Mayask, which hit on 30th March.

YAG recently collaborated with two privately owned yachts which mobilised to Vanuatu for several days following the wide-scale destruction and devastation seen on the islands, Umbra and Dragonfly. The superyachts delivered approximately 140,000 liters of water and several tons of aid over a ten day period using their helicopters. The yachts also helped to contribute to the crisis by requisitioning emergency medivac and administering critical medical care, clearing roads, helping re-build schools and homes, and completing needs assessments in collaboration with local partners and the National Disaster Management Office.

The company has proposed the following donations for the continued support, “To help address this humanitarian crisis in a known yachting paradise, YAG is seeking minimum donations of $50 - $100 per person/crew member and/or $1000 per corporation from yachting/marine related industries whereby all make a difference, coming together as a community and beyond.” To help spread the word, YAG add, “Once a donation is made, please #TAGYAG on your Social Media outlets and urge others to as well to ‘Pay it Forward’.”

YAG Founder, Mark Drewelow, states, “The people of Vanuatu – already one of the most undeveloped countries in the world prior to the Cyclone – desperately need our help. Although we have had two yachts that responded immediately to the crisis and have helped save lives and stabilise this humanitarian crisis, there are scores of islands that are in need of basic necessities like water, food, clothing, fuel, building materials, school supplies, medication and medical supplies, etc. We are counting on the yachting community to spread the word.”

By Gemma Fottles



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