Visualise your Engine Room in 3D with YachtEye

Written by SuperYacht Times

As a platform, YachtEye was born out of superyacht owners’ desire to visualise data and information about their yachts in an interactive way. When SuperYacht Times took over YachtEye earlier this year, the company had a clear vision to add more data and content to the YachtEye system. One notable feature that enables YachtEye to visualise data interactively is the 3D Engine Room.SYT YachtEye 3D Engine RoomPhoto: SuperYacht TimesSince YachtEye is on board most of the world’s largest yachts, many of these vessels have distinctive features which their owners like to highlight. One YachtEye client was keen to present his yacht’s engine room in great detail and to be able to explain it to the guests himself when walking around the space. From this idea, the 3D Engine Room was born.

The 3D Engine Room is a fully-interactive feature. Our in-house 3D team can visualise the full engine room as well as all the systems in it. At the touch of a finger, the user can look around the engine room and click on any of the parts.SYT YachtEye 3D Engine RoomPhoto: SuperYacht TimesWhen clicked, a new screen opens with a detailed 3D model and an explanation of what the part does. We can also add an animation of this function, for example how the watermaker turns seawater in drinkable water. Additionally, we can also connect the NMEA data of the individual systems to the 3D Engine Room so that it shows live data on the performance of that system.

The 3D Engine Room feature is integrated into YachtEye and can be accessed through the TV channels and iPads on board the yacht. It can also be available via a touch screen TV if one is present. SYT YachtEye 3D Engine RoomPhoto: SuperYacht Times

One of the most unique installations carried out by YachtEye at an owner’s request was a transparent touchscreen in the engine room. At the touch of a button, the 3D Engine Room appears on the glass looking into the engine room, allowing the client to request more details on each part of the engine room while he explains all of the unique features of the technical heart of the yacht to his admiring guests. SYT YachtEye 3D Engine RoomPhoto: SuperYacht Times

Peter Aarts, Director of Operations at SuperYacht Times commented, “The 3D Engine Room is one of the most exciting additional features which clients can add to YachtEye. Many yacht owners are very proud of their yacht and what it is able to achieve, and with the 3D Engine Room, we can offer them a high-tech tool which explains both how the engine room works and which systems are installed. Being able to understand the yacht in this way really enriches the owner’s experience.” 

For any questions about YachtEye, please contact Peter Aarts ([email protected]) or Merijn de Waard ([email protected]).



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