How YachtEye improves your superyacht guest experience

Written by SuperYacht Times

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, there is nothing quite like staying on board a superyacht. Arrive at the vessel and feel instantly at home, with the crew welcoming you, offering you a drink, taking care of your luggage and guiding you through the yacht to your new accommodation.It  YachtEye yacht profileCurious to discover more about your new home and the journey ahead, you might refer to the printed guide often found in the guest cabins, or pick the crew’s brains for information about the upcoming trip, the various locations you will be visiting, the planned activities, weather conditions and so on. Of course, as safety measures are key to every superyacht trip, the crew will also offer you a safety briefing prior to the beginning of your trip.

But what if you could get all of the information you need for your trip, and so much more, instantly and at the push of a button? This is where YachtEye comes in. Thanks to its combination of intuitive, innovative features and game-changing user-accessibility, the YachtEye system enriches the onboard experience of the guests, provides vital safety information and saves crew valuable time on a busy trip.

What YachtEye can offer you: 

  1. Live location - Guests can track the yacht’s position live through YachtEye. YachtEye’s 3D model of the yacht moves over the 3D map following the vessel’s position in real-time.YachtEye 3D position

  2. Live information feed - The dashboard provides all of the live data you might need for your journey, including the vessel’s speed, air temperature, water depth, sea temperature, sunrise and sunset times and the wind speed.YachtEye weather view

  3. Safety - All safety information is presented in one secure and easily-accessible location. The safety instructions, videos and interactive safety deck plan can also be included within YachtEye. YachtEye safety routes

  4. Itinerary - This provides easy access to the itinerary of your trip, alongside information and photos for each location. YachtEye

  5. Weather – YachtEye offers live weather updates for many different locations as well as the option to integrate specific apps for watersports enthusiasts. YachtEye weather view

  6. TV & iPad access – The YachtEye system is available as a TV channel and can be accessed from an unlimited number of TVs on board. For the ultimate high-tech experience, some yachts have also installed a large touchscreen in the saloon for all guests to use. In addition, the iPad web app can also be installed on onboard iPads. YachtEye

  7. TenderTracker – Keep tabs on your tenders and toys. Ensure you know when guests arrive back on board from their adventures, or where the kids have taken the Jet Skis!YachtEye tender view

  8. Communication – Easily send messages from crew to guests with the central messenger feed. Keep guests informed when the anchor is being lifted, when food is being served, or the watersports equipment is all set to go.

  9. Explore the yacht - Discover more about your yacht with a unique 3D interactive exploded yacht view (image above) and deck plan. Unlock the yacht’s unique features including the cinema, beach club, wellness centre, spa, pool and much more. View the interactive safety plan and add the 3D engine room (image below) feature to let guests explore the yacht’s technical areas.YachtEye exploded view

  10. Yacht & crew info - Everything guests need to know about the yacht and the crew can be added into YachtEye including crew profiles, welcome information, deck plans and all of the vessel’s unique features (image below).YachtEye Explore Yacht FeaturesPhoto: SYT YachtEye

  11. All new YachtEye app – You can now operate YachtEye from your phone, giving you the freedom to access all of the above features from anywhere aboard your yacht. YachtEye remote app

As the premier guest information solution currently on the market, YachtEye is already being used by more than 80 of the world’s largest yachts. YachtEye can be used by and easily installed on all superyachts, whether that be a new-build project or operational yacht. This September we will be releasing an all new version of YachtEye and you can watch the teaser here:

The new YachtEye will give users an exceptional onboard experience and will be available on multiple platforms. It will have a brand new content management system which will make it extremely easy for the crew to create itineraries, upload photos or change any of the settings.

For any questions about YachtEye, please contact the YachtEye team at [email protected]



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