Owners have their own real-time tracker for tenders and toys with YachtEye

Written by SuperYacht Times

YachtEye is the leading infotainment system for superyachts that goes much further than just helping those on board find out everything about the yacht they are on. Owners with YachtEye can also keep track of the rest of their fleet, tenders, toys and helicopter, as well as any neighbouring yachts nearby. To do this, YachtEye users can easily tap into the following features:


By connecting to the AIS or GPS receiver, YachtEye is able to keep up with an owner’s tenders and toys to inform them of details such as when guests are due to arrive and the location of the tender or toy. TenderTracker is a great way to keep track in an interactive and visually appealing way. YachtEye TenderTrackerPhoto: SYT YachtEye

YachtTracker (with SYT API)

Thanks to the yacht’s AIS signal, owners can easily display information about the yachts that are moored around them at any time. The in-built API connection with the SuperYacht Times database means owners can view the basic specifications and photos of the yacht, whereas an integrated subscription with SuperYacht Times iQ allows users to know more in-depth information such as the owner of the yacht, the asking price and relevant market activity.YachtEye YachtTrackerPhoto: SYT YachtEyeFleetTracker

Owners who have multiple vessels in their fleet can create a 3D model for each yacht and display their actual location on the system’s detailed world map. Besides yachts, YachtEye can feature helicopters or private jets. All of this information is maintained via a direct secure and encrypted connection.


HeliDeck tracks the real-time flightpath of a yacht’s helicopter so users know exactly when guests will arrive and how their journeys are progressing. Via the HeliDeck application on YachtEye, a detailed 3D model of the helicopter (which can be viewed from different angles) can be seen approaching or leaving the yacht. This 3D rendering switches to CCTV/IPTV upon approach so users can view the helicopter’s arrival in real time.SYT YachtEye HelideckPhoto: SuperYacht TimesTrack all of this anywhere, anytime

In addition to having all of these solutions accessible from the yacht’s system, YachtEye now offers YachtEye Shore – a solution that allows all users a safe and unique way to access their secured YachtEye system from their home or office.YachtEye shore Photo: SYT YachtEyeTo find out more about YachtEye or to make an enquiry about the system or an iQ subscription, please contact [email protected] 



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