Yachting Financial Solutions invests in ACREW

Yachting Financial Solutions have further expanded the portfolio within their exclusive YFSOL Voyager investment structure by a small stock purchase in ACREW, the new social network and loyalty scheme for Superyacht professionals.

‘Voyager’ is an exclusive investment structure created 3 years ago by Yachting Financial Solutions, the only financial planner to deal purely with yacht crew. Containing a selection of non stock market and stock market correlated portfolios, Voyager was designed to take full advantage of the changing 21st century investment climate.

Whilst they normally restrict their choices for Voyager to fund based investments, Yachting Financial Solutions were happy to recommend that a relatively small percentage of the total capital held in Voyager (less than 1% of the overall fund value) was allocated to investment in ACREW Yachting S.L. as part of its dynamic stock market holding.

Clive Evans, chairman of Yachting Financial Solutions said of the investment decision, “Our commitment to a ‘21st century investment paradigm’ is all about aligning our investment strategies with the changing world around us. The decision to invest some of our clients' money in ACREW addresses the rapid growth and power of social media, but also diversifies our holdings into a growing industry which all of our clients are familiar with.”

ACREW is an online members’ network connecting the world’s Superyacht professionals. In addition to a wealth of expert knowledge and personal recommendations, ACREW offers members special rates and promotions on purchases made with participating businesses.

Built by captains, for captains, ACREW focuses purely on the needs of the professional yachtsman, an attribute shared by Yachting Financial Solutions.

Mr Evans added, “There is a natural synergy between the values Yachting Financial Solutions and ACREW. We believe in what ACREW are doing, and know that the investment held in Voyager funds will not only benefit Yachting Financial Solutions clients financially, but will allow ACREW to provide you, the yacht crew with a superior end product.”

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