Yachting Financial Solutions: the new look and name for Clive Evans IFA

Clive Evans IFA is gradually being rolled away to reveal a new company designed to better serve the financial planning needs of yacht crew. The new company, a product of Clive’s 30 years in financial services and 15 in yacht specific planning, is called Yachting Financial Solutions.

Yachting Financial Solutions will offer Captains and crew a bright new look, easier access and broader services yet retain the same values and core competencies that has made Clive Evans IFA the only investment service custom designed for superyacht crew.

Yachting Financial Solutions has been regulated in the Republic of Ireland, to enable it to offer financial products cross border throughout the EU, and will, following launch, roll out Yachting Financial Solutions partner offices in the four key yachting regions, France, Italy, Spain and the Caribbean, with the intention to increase that network in the coming years.

It’s important to Clive and Teresa Evans, the founders of Yachting Financial Solutions that their partners, rather than coming from a “hard sell” investment advisor background, are all ex professional yachtsmen.

Yachting Financial Solutions planners intimately understand from their yachting career experience that crew seeking to secure their financial future need financial planning and strategies that suit the their unique lifestyle and ambitions.

Yachting Financial Solutions, whilst, bigger in scope, remains highly personalised to existing and new clients just as it was when Clive and Teresa (a team of 80% ex yacht crew; Clive still claims to be an adopted one by proximity) started it some 15 years ago.

Regional expansion makes it easier to get in touch whether stepping ashore in Club de Mar, IYCA or English Harbour where crew will find it easier to have one on one conversations about their financial future.

It may seem to be an unusual time to launch an enhanced financial services supplier with markets in turmoil, yet ironically as Clive and Teresa explain in the brief interview attached, it is at just such a panic ridden time that investors need calm, rational advice and above all personal reassurance from the trusted advisors of Clive Evans IFA who will continue to be so as Yachting Financial Solutions.

To support the new brand a comprehensive website has been crafted and will launch (celebrated at a suitable social event) during the Antigua charter meeting in December 2008. It has robust, user friendly interactive access for clients and YFS’s iconic “little green man” will guide visitors around the site.



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