Yachting Partners International reveals a new look for the new Group

Following its acquisition by shipbroking giant, the Barry Rogliano Salles Group (the BRS Group), in July 2008, Yachting Partners International (YPI) now reveals its new look.

“I really like it,” says Bertrand Vogèle, YPI Président Administrateur Délégué & Group Managing Director, “it takes the very best of Yachting Partners International from the last thirty-seven years and adds something new. Alex (Alexander K Braden, Group Founder and Chairman) has done so well building and maintaining the success of this Group. I want to make sure that we continue the steady and sustainable growth we have done in the past.”

Designed by London-based Creative Agency, Sector Light, the new look dispenses with the longstanding YPI wave and introduces a new metallic insigne.

“It seems to symbolise strength, resilience and honesty,” comments Group Founder and Chairman, Alex Braden. “These are values this company has always stood by.”

An important aspect of the new look has been to get across these values of honesty and integrity.

“Transparency has always been and will continue to be the fundamental focus of YPI and BRS,” Bertrand Vogèle reiterates, “this is why we have so many clients whose families have been working with us for generations. We deliver. And we deliver because we tell the truth. There’s no question of hiding something just because we think it’s not what our clients want to hear.”

The new look not only sees a new metallic insigne and five new logos for the Group and each of its four Divisions – YPI Brokerage, YPI Charter, YPI Management and YPI Crew – but also a new look to the website and a special 29th edition of the company’s own, and much awaited, Yachting Annual.

“The new look is not just about changing the logo or deciding to use black when maybe before we used beige,” says Group Marketing Manager, Mark Duncan, “it’s about reinforcing who we are as a Group.”

The new-look publication is a stunning example of what the new YPI is all about.

“The articles and themes explored in our new edition are there because we believe they are important to the industry and our clients today,’” says Mark Duncan. “We discuss how to get better value for your money whether you are building, buying or chartering a superyacht; we discuss what we as an industry can and are doing to protect the very environment that makes our yachting such a pleasure, and we get right back to basics asking Jan-Eric Österlund, former owner of the superb sailing yacht Adele, and yacht aficionado Sir Michael Smurfit how they get the very best out of their yachting.”

And of course there is over 100 pages of the finest yachts for sale and charter any where in the world today.

“Our business is not one built purely on money and profits,” says Alex Braden, “our business, and the success we enjoy, starts with a very real passion for yachting. Doing business in yachting comes afterwards…and we’re quite passionate about that as well.”

The YPI website also enjoys a facelift bringing it in line with the new brand look. It includes a lot more YPI news and information with up-to-the-minute details of all the latest Charter and Brokerage yachts being added to the fleet.

“We want to make the site as user friendly as we can,” explains Asa Wetterwald from the e-Operations marketing arm. “As well as making sure visitors are getting more of the information and help they need quicker than ever before.”

It seems to be working - over 140,000 visitors from over two-hundred territories around the world have generated over 1.5 million page views in the last twelve months alone.

The website has been substantially developed over the last year or so and is still seeing a massive amount of new technology being poured into it, technology that includes the incorporation of more audio and video to further show off the amazing yachts in the YPI charter and sales fleets.

“But we are keeping it fairly low key,” says Bertrand Vogèle of the new-look launch. “We are not so bothered about all the showing off. Our business is helping clients get the best out yachting - that’s where we are putting the best part of our energy.”

Yachting Partners International (YPI)
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