Yachting with a greater purpose with Sea Mercy

Sea Mercy, the non-profit U.S. and Fiji based charity dedicated to serving the South Pacific Islands and beyond in regards to natural disaster response, water, health, agriculture, education, and economic development, has extended a special invitation to superyacht owners around the world. Following the fantastic relief effort seen earlier this year in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam devastated the area, the First Response Fleet program has been developed to engage the superyacht community during the first 30 days following a natural disaster.

Sailing and motor yachts of all sizes from the international yachting community are invited to join the special Fleet. Three ways to participate include joining the fleet by registering your vessel online, volunteering skills or services, and supporting the program by way of a donation.

As part of the program and to ensure both the well being and safety of volunteers in relief efforts, Sea Mercy provides the following the services:

- Pre-approval of Vessels - Operating under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with their island nation partner, the vessels, crews, medical teams, and emergency aid can sail directly to the affected “at risk” islands pre-approved.
- Professional Disaster Response Support Teams - Highly trained Professional Disaster Response teams are standing by to provide added security, trained medical staff, and support for your vessel and crew (the charity also have free disaster response pre-training programs available for crew).
- Staging of Emergency Aid, Water & Medical Supplies - Sea Mercy stage their emergency aid equipment and supplies in Port Denarau, Fiji for quick and easy loading of vessels (Marine & Land based Desalination Equipment, Food, Life, Medical and Shelter units).
- Strict Confidentiality - Sea Mercy’s pre-approval of your vessel and crew protects the privacy and desire for confidentiality of participating vessels and owners. Flexibility - As a volunteer fleet member you will be notified of any potential needs (natural disasters) occurring in your area, but you are never obligated to commit your vessel and crew.

Sea Mercy will be starting their disaster response training programs in December/January of 2016 for vessels joining the fleet. For more information head to www.SeaMercy.org/FRF.

By Gemma Fottles



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