Yachtlease International: Ownership made easier and more affordable

Yachtlease International specialises in financial transactions that reduce VAT obligations via leasing and yacht management.

When Yachtlease International formed its product strategy, it began by applying its corporate mission – to make yacht ownership easier and more affordable - to the total cost of ownership (TCO). These costs start with the purchase of the yacht and many clients do not want to put their money in a yacht that gives them no return on investment. They look for a way of financing the yacht, the interest on which becomes part of the TCO. Yachtlease International’s broad network of financial institutions enables it to offer exceptional financing conditions.

Every country in Europe charges VAT, which has to be paid when purchasing a yacht and over the exploitation costs of a yacht. Yachtlease International sees the VAT as part of the TCO. Some countries within Europe apply a different VAT percentage when it comes to yacht ownership for personal or commercial use. Yachtlease International advises clients on the risks in relationship to potential savings and can implement suitable customised solutions.

Many future yacht owners forget to reserve a percentage of the value of the yacht for the exploitation costs. These costs are definitely part of the TCO and, depending on the use, can reach up to 10% of the value of the yacht. They include insurance, bunkering, maintenance, crew, berthing, refits and charter handling fees.

Yachtlease International has reputable partners who are specialized in yacht management. We can offer these services on good terms throughout Europe.

For more information, contact Frank Coster on +31 70 415 9031 or [email protected]



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