Young Superyacht Designer of the Year - Project Glass

Lujac Desautel, nominated for the 2014 Young Designer of the Year Award by Boat International Magazine, introduces his concept design, Glass.

Life on board the 61 metre yacht is casual and comfortably familiar, yet so refined as to entertain in the most effortless and chic style. Glass is organised vertically by three cubic volumes. Each floor is entirely dedicated to maximizing the amount of living space for the 12 guest and 16 crew on board it easily accomodates, with a sense of natural intimacy and escape.

A 7'x10' elevator platform moves freely between all floors, crew pantries, wine cellar, sick berth, laundry, kitchens, and day heads; providing a perfect consolidation of essential functions. The sky atrium indulges guests in unique skyline views whilst the second level of the yacht presents an unparalleled 360 degree view of the ocean.

The unusual nature of a SWATH hull is free of the conventional restrictions in a mono-hull like narrow and cluttered outdoor space, the aft deck lowers itself to the water for access to tenders and water sports. This unusually large amount of space can be also reimagined as a private amphitheater.

Glass is a response to its context and ever-changing environment, aiming to maintain essence of place through its architectural design, surface textures and material.



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