Zuccon International Project sets up Maxi Yacht division

In response to growing demand for superyacht designs, Zuccon International Project is drawing on years of experience in the field to strategically expand its staff and set up an in-house team dedicated specifically to research and development in the area of superyacht designs.

Zuccon International Project began designing superyachts with the 46M Al Fahedi, built by the Baglietto shipyard in Varazze. This was followed by other projects of various sizes, adding to the Roman design studio’s experience in a variety of areas.

The studio has been working on more and more yachts of this type in the past decade, primarily with CRN of Ancona, which has built many of its yachts and is currently completing the new 80 metre vessel that will be Zuccon International Project’s biggest maxi yacht so far.

The studio has set up the new “Maxi Yacht” division for superyacht projects of this type. According to architect Gianni Zuccon, the decision is a result “of steadily growing demand for maxi yacht projects and ideas and the need to dedicate to these projects the professional skills, know-how and sensitivity required to respond to the complex specifications characteristic of products of this type.”

In line with the studio’s cultural policy, the new division will flank its highly specialised staff with its own in-house team to work on architecture, product design and research and development.

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