X-Craft R7xx
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X-Craft R7xx Tender

The X-Craft R7xx is built in Netherlands by X-Craft. They feature an exterior design by X-Craft and Van Geest Design. Her superstructure is built on a GRP hull. She can cruise at a maximum speed of 45.0 kn while carrying 14 guests on board.

The X-Craft R7xx range offers RIBs and D-RIBs from 7.00m up to 8.00m and a beam of 2.40m to 2.50m. All engine options are available: sterndrive, jet drive, (twin-)outboard and all in diesel or petrol as desired as well as an electric version. The spacious interior volume and modular design provides the opportunity to build the tender with any desired deck layout. The emphasis can be on extra deck space, extra seating, extra storage or a combination. The tender can be used as crew/work tender, as watersport tender, a day tender with ample sun lounge area as a guest tender with maximum comfort ship-to-shore capacity. The D-RIBs are very popular with the fold out beach landing steps in the bow to create a beachlander tender.


Type Beachlander
Electric Yes
Custom Yes
Builder X-Craft
Country of Build Netherlands
Length 7.5m (24'7")
Beam 2.4m (7'10")
Height 1.22m (4'0")
Maximum Speed 45.0 kn
Cruise Speed 35.0 kn
Engine Location Inboard
Fuel Capacity 200L (52.834g)
Number of guests 14


Company Type Stage
X-Craft exterior original
Van Geest Design exterior original
Adam Younger Design naval original


Type Count Manufacturer
Propellors 1
Waterjet 1

Engine options

Manufacturer Model Type Year RPM KW HP Count
Volvo Penta Diesel 0 0 1
Yanmar Co., Ltd. Diesel 0 0 1
Mercury Marine Diesel 0 0 1
Yamaha Diesel 0 0 1
Honda Marine Diesel 0 0 1
Cox Marine Diesel 0 0 1
OXE Diesel Diesel 0 0 1
Steyr Motors Diesel 0 0 1

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