DLBA uses AI technology to create 58m autonomous superyacht concept

Written by Elodie Behravan

Within DLBA Naval Architects’ American offices, a new superyacht concept is underway aiming to influence the future of yachting. With exterior lines by SDG, the 58-metre superyacht concept TEMPO has been developed as an autonomous yacht where artificial intelligence (AI) dramatically enhances an owner’s experience onboard.

Project Tempo exterior design

According to DLBA, artificial intelligence can take the superyacht experience to the next level when applied to three main elements: autonomous navigation, equipment health monitoring and mechanical and electrical systems automation. SuperYacht Times found out more about these three factors DLBA are driving forward with TEMPO.DLBA Naval Architects AI technology marketingAutonomous navigation systems work by fusing data from onboard sensors with information sources such as GPS, radar, weather information systems and video cameras. With an operator on hand, these technologies work together to help a vessel to safely navigate itself through crowded areas and the open seas. Overall, the main and most desirable benefits of using an autonomous system are safer operation and reduced cost of repairs from accidents.

Equipment health monitoring alleviates the need for crew members to interpret feedback from onboard systems. When the yacht is operational and all systems are active, the sheer volume of information to be monitored can be overwhelming, which is where computing power can be harnessed to streamline the process. Also, with real-time feedback for almost all systems, equipment health monitoring can be used to identify potential faults in advance. Thanks to this, the system is able to avoid any major corrective maintenance and keep the superyacht ready for her owner to board and enjoy at any time.

Developing shipboard mechanical and electrical systems with high levels of automation is like expanding the onboard engineering team. Sensors, load monitors and actuators already improve safety for the engineering team by relocating them out of the machinery space. By ensuring that these elements at the sub-system level are AI-ready, automatic control systems can be tuned to keep systems operating at peak performance without any additional workload for the onboard engineering team, resulting in increased efficiency, increased reliability and reduced operating costs.DLBA Naval Architects marketing Taken alone, the application of any of the three elements outlined above can have a profound impact on the operation of a yacht and when designed into the vessel from its conception, its incorporation can be revolutionary. In addition, after considering the risks associated with advanced electronic communication and control systems, DLBA has developed TEMPO with integrated cybersecurity. Systems are to be assessed for vulnerabilities and hardened against potential attacks by encrypting communication channels against malicious and unintentional misconfigurations and data compromises.

The 58-metre superyacht concept TEMPO is DLBA’s latest example of how the company is able to apply its expertise in autonomous vessel research and development programmes. For more information on DLBA’s services and the TEMPO concept, please contact the company directly using the contact details provided below.  



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