Behind the design of the first X-105 explorer-style superyacht by Holterman

Written by Laura Nicholls

Two yacht owners and friends surfing the market were struggling to find what they wanted. A scenario not unheard of, but one that was definitely resolved in a unique way. Rather than continuing the hunt for the perfect superyacht, they founded their own company to suit their needs: X-treme Yachts by Holterman Shipyard. Holterman X-Treme 105 yacht renderingPhoto: Holterman ShipyardHaving brought in Bernd Weel Design and Diana Yacht Design for the architectural requirements, X-treme Yachts finalised the custom design with Holterman Shipyard and made a start on the build. The Dutch yard has since received the hull and has already begun equipping her with well-thought-out features ahead of her upcoming 2021 completion date.  

With the build taking shape, the team realised that the potential of the design features screamed for more than a one-off project – and the X-treme range is the result. Here, X-treme Yachts share more about their vision to create yachts that aren’t determined by length, but by their extreme capabilities.  Holterman X-Treme 105 yacht renderingPhoto: Holterman Shipyard“Our idea of the X-105 design is to gather a wide variety of features in a relatively small yacht,” explain the team at Holterman. “If we add up these features, you will immediately understand that there is currently no other ship on the market like her.”

One of the most noticeable features of the yacht’s exterior is the aft deck which, thanks to its wet-launch system, can carry a 10-meter RIB-tender. “Having your tender on deck means that towing or shadow sailing with additional crew is obsolete,”  the team pointed out. “For longer journeys, you can take out the 33-foot tender for 12 guests in a matter of 15 minutes from the deck.” The same deck can convert into a swimming pool with a jetstream function and adjustable floor. Holterman X-Treme 105 renderingWhen coming back on board after a day playing out on the water, guests can make their way up to the 65-square-metre flybridge for sunbathing, drinking by the bar or dining. The same guests can then retire to the five staterooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The crew of four are allocated two ensuite cabins.

“As experienced yacht owners, we live with the awareness that everything technical on a boat has a possibility of failure,” state the team. “In many cases, failures of the technical kind will lead to interruption of enjoying the pleasure a yacht should offer its owner.” The solution? Every main system or component is built with a backup system, so, in the unlikely event that something fails, the yacht can remain fully operational. Holterman X-Treme 105 under constructionPhoto: Holterman ShipyardHolterman X-Treme 105 under constructionPhoto: Holterman ShipyardThis focus on future-proofing can be found in many key areas of the yacht’s design. First, the team chose alternative decking material to save 2.5-cubic-metres of teak: “To give an impression of the environmental effect of teak: 10,000-square-metres of teak forest produces only 60-cubic-meters of SG 7-teak for teak decking. This takes 50 years to grow,” they explain.Holterman X-Treme 105 under constructionPhoto: Holterman ShipyardReductions were also made in the yacht’s exhausts, as the hull shape has been designed with limited drag and the ability to reach 15 knots with only twin 750hp engines. “Since we prioritise range over speed, we have designed the hull in a way so it will only take 15% of its installed power to reach the cruising speed of 9 knots. This will give the X-105 a range of 2,400 nautical miles,” they add. The Lithium battery bank will also make it possible for the yacht to spend the night without shore or generator power.

To find out more about the Xtreme Yachts range by Holterman, contact the yard directly via the details found below.



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