Piero Lissoni’s top 5 design features of the all-new 34m Sanlorenzo SX112

Written by Laura Nicholls

This summer, the flagship yacht of the experimental Sanlorenzo SX crossover line, the SX112, is scheduled to set sail for the first time. The 34.16-metre yacht is the Italian shipbuilders latest example of their continuous design evolution, which merges the classic motor yacht and its flybridge with an explorer. Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoHaving learnt that the fluidity of the interior design was a key aspect for the team at Zuccon International Project, SuperYacht Times spoke to Piero Lissoni, art director of the Italian studio, to find out more about what he considers to be the main features of the SX112 design. Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoA floating villa

The SX range is built around an 'intelligent' framework that proposes a new way of living on the sea. "SX112 is another experimental design, like every new design we work on with Sanlorenzo," Lissoni said. "In this case, we have adopted an approach that is even more architectural to encompass everything needed to feel as if you are in a floating building.  We have built a villa that floats."Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoMerged spaces  

With a philosophy to break down barriers between life on board and life on the water, the interior layout opens up to the outside to keep all those on board close to the surrounding environment. "Great attention was directed to subdividing the interior spaces to maintain a continuous dialogue with the exteriors," Lissoni explained.  

The designer’s intention to blend style, flexibility and functionality was realised onboard and is perhaps most evident on the main deck. "The main deck was conceived as an open space that emphasises the relationship with the exterior, in line with the concept developed for other boats."Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoEnhanced space

To push forward new possibilities in design and use, the Zuccon International Project design studio utilised “sophisticated technology” to transform and expand the spaces and facilitate their interconnection throughout the SX112. 

"We connected the spaces exactly as if she were a building. Guests on board can use technological openings and doorways which we have specially created to link the inside to the outside and vice versa,” commented Lissoni. 

The best example of this design feature is seen in the stern area, where the use of clever technology has helped to create retractable terraces - a feature which is a refinement of the SX88 project. "Also, the flybridge has been completely rethought, and we have reserved the space especially for navigation," Lissoni added.Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoCentral staircase 

Connecting all three decks is a spiral staircase enclosed in glass at the top of the main deck. Serving the yacht’s design both in terms of functionality and aesthetic, Lissoni explains that "the triple-height internal helicoidal staircase connects the three levels, and on the main deck is enclosed within a transparent oval volume. This gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air.”Sanlorenzo SX112 yacht renderingPhoto: SanlorenzoCustom materials

Lissoni paid great attention to details and carefully selected materials that embody Japanese and Italian cultures. He explains that the "details and materials were chosen with care. Those you see onboard have an association with Japanese purity with Italian elegance and creates a leitmotif, or recurrent theme throughout, that helps connect each space.” SanLorenzo fleet modelsPhoto: SanLorenzoTo find out more about the Sanlorenzo SX112 range and Sanlorenzo’s other superyacht products, contact the shipyard directly using the details found below.



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