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Written by Kayla Dowling

Despite the ongoing pandemic, it is safe to say that it has been a whirlwind of a year for the yachting industry. As the market continues to demonstrate its strength with sales continuing to boom, SuperYacht Times Issue 39 newspaper, the last edition of 2021, is particularly special. Covering ground from in-house market insights to the latest and most exciting trends in tenders and toys, to the joys of yacht ownership, Issue 39 is one for the books. Here’s what you can expect to find in the latest SuperYacht Times newspaper, out now:SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 39P. 4 Business: Entrepreneur in Yachting
Making it in the yachting industry can prove difficult. With a range of competitors vying for the same exclusive number of clients, the superyacht sector is incredibly competitive. Here, John Allen, the founder of stabiliser manufacturer Quantum Stabilizers, tells us how he has won 85% of the market share of yachts between 55 to 200-metres since establishing the business in 1985. His secret to success? His long-time relationships, sociability, and positive attitude.SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 39P. 10 Market Insight: The Millennial Takeover
The Millennial generation, once the brunt of ridicule for its digital lifestyle, will see in the next decade a handover of wealth of “no less than $15 trillion of ultra-high net wealth”, Farouk Nefzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Feadship, writes. Adopting the Millennial perspective – the use of digital resources and socially responsible agendas – is crucial to maintaining Millennials’ interest in the yachting industry.

P. 14 Market: Where to Sell Your Superyacht
The market is hot, but where is the best place to sell your superyacht? SYT’s head of intelligence, Ralph Dazert, breaks down the numbers using SYT iQ, to find out where the greatest concentration of superyachts 30 metres and above have been sold since the beginning of 2020.

P. 18 The Yachts: Emocean
Launched this past June, the 37.83-metre Rosetti superyacht Emocean made her debut at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, where SYT’s Editor-in-Chief, Francesca Webster, had the opportunity to take a firsthand look at the superyacht with her designers, Francesca Burdissso and Emiliana Capponi of BurdissoCapponi Yachts & Design. The verdict? Emocean is “pocket explorer that packs a punch.” SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 39P. 38 Tenders & Toys: Helidecks Unpacked
Issue 39’s emphasis is on all things tenders and toys. As superyacht design continues to evolve around the incorporation of the best tenders and toys, SYT dove into all things helidecks with some of the industry’s experts. Here, you will find everything you need to know about implementing a helideck onboard.SuperYacht Times Newspaper Issue 39P. 44 Yacht Life: A Life on Boats
As a serial yacht owner, having owned around 13 yachts with her late husband, Patsy Bolling knows a thing or two about yacht ownership. “I have had a wonderful adventurous life, doing all things exciting. Sailing, racing cars and flying airplanes, thinking I was bullet proof,” Patsy commented as she recalled her life spent on boats.

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