The C1-Carbon1 smart shower from Inoxstyle

Written by Georgia Tindale

This week, we find out more about the C1-Carbon1 shower, the latest addition to the prestigious range of nautical grade stainless steel showers from the Italian company Inoxstyle. Sayduck app showing C1-Carbon1 smart shower from Inoxstyle Photo: Inoxstyle

Easy install, top quality 

Crafted from the highest quality, marine grade stainless steel and carbon fibre, this dismountable, lightweight shower can be easily incorporated into any yacht, and is currently being offered at a special launch price of €1,599, a major reduction from its usual retail price of €1,840.

Using the latest, advanced carbon fibre technology, C1-Carbon 1 was born as a result of the Italian company's technological research and development in the design and materials field, as well as their uncompromising standards of quality for each component of their products and fastidious attention to detail. 

Viewing your shower in 'Augmented reality'

Thanks to a new feature recently launched by Inoxstyle, you can now use the Android and iPhone app Sayduck to view the shower in 3D in the spaces in which it will be installed. Move it, rotate it, and immediately learn if the size and style are right for your yacht. Using Sayduck, you can experiment with possibilities until you find the perfect fit. A versatile app, it is also used by designers and architects in order to show clients a mock-up of future shower installations.
Woman showering with Inoxstyle C1-Carbon1

Tailored to suit every type of boat, C1-Carbon1 quickly brings you the pleasure of a real shower on any type of boat, from sailboats to motor boats and is designed to make showering on board a pleasure. Installation is fast and easy and can either be located on the transom or directly on the deck.

Stylish and high-tech

As for its design, the C1-Carbon1 includes optimised water ducts with invisible hot/cold water connections and quick-connect fittings. Built with a strong internal structure made of high-density fibreglass and an external layer made from bi-orientated carbon fibre, it remains unalterable to the effects of saltwater and harsh environmental conditions.

Carbon1 shower from Inoxstyle

It also features a protective UV anti-age finish to keep your shower lasting longer. This is an exclusive treatment that blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays. In addition, the shower arm is made from marine grade stainless steel, manually mirror polished and untouchable by adverse weather conditions, and the high-quality shower head is anti-limestone and anti-obstruction. As for ease of use, it couldn't be easier to enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable shower. The double function mixer regulates temperature and water flow, with water and energy savings as a result. 

In addition, the showerhead will always be the ideal height since the lower half of the shower body, which includes the tap mixer, is customized to each boat’s requested measurements. Due to the exclusive design of its shower base, C1-Carbon1 can rotate by 360°, allowing you to control the direction of the water spray and ensuring the most comfortable and safest shower, no matter where it is installed.

Carbon1 shower from Inoxstyle


To find out more about Inoxstyle and their range of luxury products for superyachts, visit the C1-Carbon 1 website here, the Inoxstyle website here, or contact them using the details below. 


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