Why you need to have a submarine on your next superyacht

Written by Parisa Hashempour

The Beatles sing about them, they help to create our favourite ocean documentaries and thanks to them, rare historical artefacts have been found – the powerful potential of submarines is no big secret.Triton submarine underwaterHigh profile yachts like the iconic 88-metre Maltese Falcon and the 55.75-metre explorer Alucia, famously used in the recent filming of the BBC series Blue Planet II, have brought the underwater vessels into wider yacht-world consciousness. And so, it’s no wonder submarines like those offered by Superyacht Sales & Charter have gained greater interest.  

Purchasing an underwater diving machine isn’t just for the marine-life-loving and scientifically-minded among us. Everyone curious enough to drop daringly into the deep-sea world should know exactly how a Triton submarine enhances all yachting experiences.Triton submarine underwaterSee the unimaginable 

If you are a yachting enthusiast, you’re likely a seasoned voyager. When opting for a submarine, both private owners and chartering yachties alike can expect expeditions to take them to the next level. Once settled inside a submarine such as the ultra-safe Triton 3300 (two of which are currently for sale with Superyacht Sales & Charter), the upper hatch is closed and guests can descend into the calm ocean below. Sounds of the world above the cabin are muted as the underwater world opens up, decorated by the patterns made by ripples of sunlight above.Triton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesTriton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesAll this can be enjoyed best thanks to Triton’s unmatched levels of visibility. Triton’s acrylic submarine features the same refractive index as water, blurring the lines between passengers and ocean. It acts as an optical illusion and creates an impression of the water being held at bay by seemingly, nothing. The views of the ocean surround passengers inside, even allowing them to see what is directly above and below. In this way, you feel fully immersed in the experience of the ocean. Triton submarine underwaterDive in comfort

Comfort may not be at the forefront of your mind when shopping for a yacht-side submarine, but with dives lasting upwards of two hours, Triton’s iconic pontoons are made to ensure the craft sits flat and level on the surface for easy boarding. In every acrylic-hulled Triton, you’ll step directly into the cabin and make yourself comfortable in one of the generously-sized seats. The builders have ensured that additional leg, head and elbow-room make for optimised ergonomics – providing a submarine accessible for all the family. Triton 3300 submarine hull 6 + 7Triton 3300 submarine hull 6 + 7A dependable deep-sea vessel

For obvious reasons, ensuring your submersible is dependable and smooth-running is absolutely essential. That’s why we recommend opting for a well-known brand such as Triton, who has a good reputation, a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. Triton and dealer staff can be made available to help, should you need them thanks to its after-sales and technical support services. Triton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesTriton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesRelax and learn from the experts 

The pilot is seated at the back of your Triton sub, which means they can easily manoeuvre you close to any sights beneath the sea. The submarine also features external lights which can be switched on when the seabed is reached to view the corals and sea creatures waiting at the bottom. The pilot can see exactly what you see and will describe the species you encounter and teach you a little about each of them along the way. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and take a few photos. You can even choose one of your favourite songs to play over the audio system as Bluetooth access is no problem in the deep blue. Triton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesTriton 3300/3 submarine toyPhoto: Triton SubmarinesTo enquire about the two Triton 3300 (hull numbers 6 and 7) submarines for sale with Superyacht Sales & Charter. Contact the broker directly via the information below:



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