49m superyacht 007 refloated following salvage operation in Greece

(Updated 22-03-23 16:15 49m superyacht 007 refloated following salvage operation in Greece)

The salvage operation of the 49-metre Aegean Yacht superyacht 007  has continued following her sinking in September 2022.007 yacht salvagePhoto: Σταμάτης Γαρδέρης/ Stamatios Garderis007 currently lies off the island of Kythnos, Greece, with the operation to hoist her from the water beginning on 6 March. The superyacht had remained in the water since September last year, with the mayor of Kythnos, Stamatios Garderis working hard to remove her from the picturesque waters.

On 21 March, 007 was refloated with Stamatios Garderis posting online in Greek: "Ready to set sail. It's a matter of hours before 007 is removed."007 yacht salvagePhoto: Σταμάτης Γαρδέρης/ Stamatios GarderisAccording to online news reports, the Greek authorities had allegedly informed the owner, through a bailiff, that they had one month to resolve the situation and 007 or they would face severe fines.

007 allegedly capsized in September 2022 due to a GPS malfunction that led the yacht towards the shore. She eventually started lifting heavily on the port side, and water poured in causing her to sink.007 yacht salvagePhoto: Σταμάτης Γαρδέρης/ Stamatios Garderis(03-10-22 12:00 Salvage of 49m superyacht 007 has begun in Greece)

The salvage of the 49-metre Aegean Yacht superyacht 007 has begun after the vessel turned onto her side and sank last month. SuperYacht Times reader Jonathan Jones witnessed the activity this weekend while enjoying the sunshine off the island of Kythnos in Greece. 007 yacht salvagePhoto: Jonathan Jones / SYT ReaderThe rescue vessel Aegis 2 anchored to the stern of 007 and the salvage team began to remove floating items, such as furniture and debris, from within the oil barrier which was erected around the yacht during her sinking.007 yacht salvagePhoto: Jonathan Jones / SYT ReaderThe cause of the sinking is still unknown, or has not yet been disclosed by the maritime authorities in Greece, though some suspect stability issues with the vessel which underwent a variety of extensions and transformations since her delivery in 2006.

Find out more about the sinking here: 49m Aegean superyacht 007 sinks in Greece007 yacht salvagePhoto: Jonathan Jones / SYT ReaderThe sinking of the vessel came during a period when a large number of yachts were being lost in fires and similar incidents, both in Greece and in the wider world. You can find the full list of superyachts destroyed this year here: Update: Two more superyachts added to the list of casualties in 2022.