Name of explorer superyacht Alucia 2 open for voting

Written by Charl van Rooy

In anticipation of the release of a new six-part ocean documentary series, OceanX has launched a contest whereby fans can vote for the name of their newest explorer yacht, Alucia 2. Currently being rebuilt in Rotterdam, the groundbreaking 85.3-metre Alucia 2 will operate as a marine research vessel platform and continue the revolutionary work currently being done by her older and smaller sibling, motor yacht Alucia.Alucia2 expedition yachtPhoto: OceanX

American residents are invited to select from a list of six names including legendary identities such as Oceanus and Audacious to more contemporary ship names such as OceanX and OceanXplorer. The new Mission OceanX series will premiere in the US on 2nd September and brings together an all-star team including National Geographic, BBC Studios and James Cameron along with Dalio Philanthropies’ OceanX

Alucia 2 is designed by some of the most experienced expedition mariners and studio production designers to operate as the most advanced ocean conservation and media platform in the world. A 40-ton A-frame at the stern is designed specifically for the deployment of the vessel’s two submersibles which can dive to depths beyond 3,000 feet for up to eight hours. Underwater discoveries will be analysed in the state-of-the-art dry and wet labs on board while Alucia 2’s media studio will be able to document and broadcast the groundbreaking discoveries in ultra high-definition around the world. Alucia 2 exploration vessel exterior renderingAlucia2 expedition yacht dry labPhoto: OceanXAlucia 2 yacht wet lab Photo: OceanX

Not only will Alucia 2 be able to scour the ocean surface from below, but with a dedicated helicopter hangar in the foredeck, her team has eyes in the sky at all times; ideal for long-range scouting missions and aerial photography purposes. Alucia2 expedition yachtPhoto: OceanXAlucia 2 yacht submersible hangerPhoto: OceanX

Alucia 2 was built in 2010 at the Freire Shipyard in Spain and spent her life as a deep-sea survey vessel operating from Norway under the name Volstad Surveyor before being acquired by her current owner and brought to the Netherlands for extensive rebuild work. As for her design, the London-based studio, Gresham Yacht Design has provided the design input for the vessel.Volstad Surveyor ahead of her conversion into Alucia 2Alucia 2Photo: OceanX



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