Discover onboard indulgence and innovation with nine radical superyacht swimming pool designs

Discover the epitome of onboard indulgence and innovation with radical swimming pool designs on superyachts. These visionary aquatic marvels redefine the art of onboard leisure, ranging from infinity pools seamlessly merging with the horizon to striking geometric pools adorned with vibrant mosaic tiles. Experience the synergy of architectural brilliance and engineering excellence as you immerse yourself in these captivating aquatic paradises curated by one of our writers.Octopus yacht cruisingPhoto: Thierry AmellerOctopus yacht deckOctopus yacht dining

Glass bottom pool turned dance floor onboard Octopus | Lürssen | 126m

126.2-metre Lürssen superyacht Octopus, interiors of which have been revealed for the first time since her launch in 2003. Octopus has a legendary reputation in the global superyacht fleet. She features exterior design by Espen Øino and made waves in the industry when she was launched, often pinned as the first superyacht of her canon, a true ocean explorer with a 12,500 nautical miles range. With luxury spread across eight decks, her 26 guests have unparalleled privacy while onboard. 

An outstanding feature onboard Octopus is her remarkable feature—a mesmerising glass-bottom pool that transforms into an exquisite on-the-water dance floor with just a simple press of a button. Furthermore, it offers a delightful wood-fired pizza oven, an impeccably stocked service bar adorned with a beer tap, and not one, but three meticulously designed barbecue cooking stations.

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Grey is the fifth Tankoa S501 superyacht which was built at the Tankoa shipyard in Genoa, Italy. The owner signed the contract for the 49.99-metre motor yacht in July 2021 with Jean-Claude Carme and appointed TWW Yachts as project managers during her build. Grey has been heavily customised to meet the needs of her owner and features exterior design by Francesco Paszkowski, with interiors from Cassetta Yacht Designers and naval architecture from Tankoa Yachts and NAMES by Francesco Rogantin.Grey yacht pool Photo: Julien Hubert - TWW YachtsGrey yacht foredeck Photo: Julien Hubert - TWW YachtsA key element of her design is her alfresco living capabilities, including a swimming pool that houses invisible hand-crafted seating with an elevatable state-of-the-art cinema screen enabling movie nights to be taken to new heights onboard. The pool and its invisible seats have been carefully crafted by the team at Cassetta Yacht Designers.

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Dazzling with its captivating design, the 99-metre motor yacht Christina O reigns as a stunning pleasure palace. Crafted with exterior design by Caesar Pinnau and an interior by Apostolos Molindris & Associates, this superyacht showcases unparalleled elegance. With naval architecture by Caesar Pinnau and Costas Carabelas, Christina O exudes a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.Christina O yacht cruisingPhoto: Stef BravinChristina O yacht aft deckPhoto: Stef BravinDelivered in 1943, at the heart of this world-renowned motor yacht lies the iconic Onassis swimming pool. Adorned with a reproduction of the Minoan bull mosaic mural from the ancient palace of Knossos in Greece, this pool is a true masterpiece. It can be raised flush to the deck, transforming into a versatile space that adapts to any special occasion.Lady Fleur yacht anchoredTransformative oceanic pool onboard Lady Fleur Holterman | 33m

The Holterman yacht, Lady Fleur is a motor yacht with an overall length of 32.65-metres. She was launched in 2022 and features exterior design by Bernd Weel Design and interior design by Trimm Design. Lady Fleur yacht anchoredA highlight of Lady Fleur her versatile traditional hull, which showcases along aft is divided between two hulls, with the central divide making space for the tender lift that includes a lengthy pool. The platform can be lowered, in between the two hulls collecting seawater and then raised again, to create a pool. The maximum depth of the pool is 6-foot but it can be completely customised for when the younger members of the family are enjoying a swim. When underway the pool floor is hydraulically lifted, turning the aft deck into a wide, flat multi-functional space.Quattroelle yacht cruising Onboard Quattroelle’s Unrivalled Sophistication | Lürssen | 86m

The 86-metre Lürssen motor yacht showcases exterior and interior design by the renowned Nuvolari Lenard, while the naval architecture is expertly crafted by Lürssen Yachts.Quattroelle poolPhoto: Klaus JordanAmong its many remarkable features, the infinity pool on the third deck stands out as an irresistible attraction for water and sunlight enthusiasts. The deck boasts a refreshing pool, inviting guests to relax and swim while enjoying the journey. Additionally, two spacious lounging areas provide ample space for guests to unwind and stretch out. Built-in umbrellas offer a touch of shade for those seeking respite from the sun's rays. The seamless pool integration and comfortable seating transforms this deck into an unparalleled private beach club, ensuring an unforgettable experience onboard.Galactica Super Nova yacht cruising Galactica Super Nova’s ultimate Aquatic Bliss | Heesen | 70m

Stealing the spotlight with its awe-inspiring design, the 70-metre Heesen motor yacht Galactica Super Nova takes luxury to new heights with its radical pool design. Delivered in 2016, this superyacht boasts exterior design by the renowned Espen Øino International, while its interior was meticulously crafted by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. With naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Galactica Super Nova sets a new standard of opulence and sophistication.Galactica Super Nova yacht pool The crown jewel of Galactica Super Nova lies in its magnificent aft deck pool, enhanced with a majestic waterfall. This six metre infinity pool on the main deck is a true oasis of serenity and indulgence. Immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters and experience the ultimate in relaxation as the spa jets provide soothing hydro massages. The refreshing blast of the waterfall adds a touch of invigorating charm to this aquatic haven.

But the allure of Galactica Super Nova's pool doesn't end there. Ingeniously designed glass panels at the bottom of the pool allow natural light to filter through, casting a mesmerising glow on the deck beneath. This enchanting play of light and water creates an ambiance of pure enchantment, enhancing the overall sensory experience.Luna yacht cruising Photo: Guillaume PlissonLuna’s unparalleled swimming pool experience | Lloyd Werft | 115m 

Delivered in 2010, the 115-metre Lloyd Werft explorer yacht showcases the exterior design by Newcruise, complemented by the interior craftsmanship of Donald Starkey Designs. The yacht's naval architecture is a testament to the expertise of Lloyd Werft.Luna yacht poolPhoto: Guillaume PlissonLuna yacht pool Photo: Guillaume PlissonOne of its remarkable features is the expansive open aft deck, which encompasses a covered 20-metre swimming pool adorned with exquisite mosaic tiles and sunbathing areas. The pool's surface exudes elegance, while high-quality wooden panels surround the pool, creating an aura of sophistication that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality.Kensho yacht anchoredKensho’s aquatic oasis | Admiral | 75m

The 75-metre Admiral motor yacht transcends traditional luxury. Delivered in 2022, this superyacht boasts exterior design by Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture and, while her interior was crafted by Jouin Manku, with naval architecture by Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture.Kenshō yacht poolPhoto: Christopher Scholey/ Jordi EstervezA distinguishing characteristic of this opulent masterpiece is its cutting-edge radical pool design. The yacht's sweeping swim deck boasts a magnificent six-metre glass-fronted swimming pool, complemented by steps leading to a waterside beach club and swim platform, offering easy access to the sea.Luminosity yacht exteriorPhoto: Benetti SpAThe pool of dreams onboard Luminosity | Benetti | 108m

This Benetti 108-metre motor yacht, Luminosity, previously named Zoza, represents the epitome of maritime sophistication. Presenting the masterful exterior design by Cassetta Yacht Designers, Zaniz Interiors, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture, and Reymond Langton Design Ltd, her flawless craftsmanship is evident both inside and out. Meticulously crafted by Zaniz Interiors, with naval architecture overseen by Benetti SpA, every detail exudes a sense of refinement.Luminosity yacht spa poolPhoto: FraserLuminosity yacht interior swimming pool Upon delivery, Luminosity unveiled an exceptional radical feature that captivates the senses, an expansive wellness area on the lower deck. This stunning space encompasses a 30 square-metre counter-flow swimming pool with underwater speakers, a rejuvenating cold plunge pool, and a transformative floor that effortlessly converts into a dance floor, setting the stage for unforgettable moments of indulgence and entertainment.