Top 12 unique superyacht concepts from 2023

From floating villas to racing car inspired designs, 2023 has seen a variety of unique superyacht concepts, crafted by some of the industry’s most creative minds. Radical exterior profiles, luxurious onboard amenities and sustainable solutions are just a few of the elements incorporated into these concepts. We take a look back at some of the craziest superyacht concepts from the past year.THREE05 yacht concept exterior design THREE05 yacht concept exterior design THREE05Meyer Yachts |125-metres

The THREE05 yacht concept follows the ONE50 and TWO10, serving as a combination between a 125-metre superyacht and a 180-metre floating villa. The Meyer Group combined its two business divisions Meyer Yachts and Meyer Floating Solutions to imagine the new project. Displaying a volume of 7,500 GT, with accommodation for up to 30 guests onboard, THREE05 is set to incorporate solar cells and wind turbines into her design to generate energy. Managing Director of Meyer Werft Thomas Weigend commented, “The idea behind this concept is multifaceted. Villa and yacht form a design and functional unit at anchor and thus the possibility of accommodating larger companies. At the same time, the THREE05 can also be a very private retreat complete with its own superyacht shuttle.”

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Hong-Kong-based design house M51 Concepts unveiled the renders of an aluminium and composite superyacht concept in June of this year. Featuring two inflatable wing sails, Amplitude incorporates developing technologies into her design. The sails aim to reduce the need for complex deck equipment such as winches and halyards and can be easily inflated or deflated. Founder of M51 Concepts Anthony Glasson described Amplitude as “a futuristic attempt at a large motor yacht style vessel, with as low as possible environmental impact, without going full sail boat.” The inclusion of LED screens into the yacht’s full-beam master suite and bridge deck further enhances her modern design. 

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Embracing open space is at the core of Project MED’s design. Her reflective glass superstructure is reminiscent of a polished pebble stone, mirroring her surroundings. Project MED’s hull openings and windows are adorned in serigraphy that matches the hull color, making them virtually invisible from the outside. Featuring naval architecture penned by Lateral Naval Architects, the 2,300 GT concept is characterised by her open main deck named Agora, inspired by the public square and centre of life in Ancient Greece. Designer Luiz de Basto commented, “I wanted to strip the profile of everything superfluous, leaving just the right number of elements to convey the concept. The flying superstructure volume touches the hull delicately, dissolving the main deck into a void space and leaving the Agora deck open.”

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Double Luck yacht concept by Lobanov Design and OceancoPhoto: Lobanov DesignDouble Luck yacht concept by Lobanov Design and OceancoPhoto: Lobanov DesignDouble LuckOceanco | 88-metres

The 88-metre yacht concept, also known as 八+八 (88) uses Chinese numerology and the Mandarin words for 88 to reflect the Chinese belief that the number 8 is the luckiest. Featuring naval architecture penned by Oceanco, Spain-based design studio Lobanov Design unveiled the renders at the beginning of this year. The concept showcases long elegant lines with her superstructure styled as a cockpit. She has also been designed with two main exterior colour options of entirely black with copper details or entirely white with yellow gold details. The superyacht’s interior is centred around her two exterior masts which serve as the focal point of spaces for the forward zen garden or main saloon.

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Revealed in February of this year, the Pegasus superyacht concept was designed to be “virtually invisible” in terms of appearance and sustainability. Imagined with eco-reconsibility in mind, Pegasus runs entirely on solar energy, converting seawater into hydrogen, producing zero emissions while offering an infinite range. The concept’s exterior displays a low, linear hull exhibiting a plumb bow and silver metallic finish. This feature blurs the separative layer between the yacht and the sea itself. Enhancing the connection between the yacht and nature was crucial to Forakis, Pegasus features a wellness zen garden and reflective pool surrounding the sculpted spiral staircase. A sustainable hydroponic garden will provide fresh food and air purification onboard. The 88-metre concept will harness robotic 3D printing to create a mesh framework integrating both hull and superstructure. The result is a robust yet lightweight vessel that will be crafted using less energy, waste, space, material, and time than conventional construction.

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Following the idea of organic shapes and sinuous forms, the renders of Dunes derived from the imagination of Feadship’s in-house design team, Studio De Voogt. Harnessing wind and solar energy, the yacht concept has been designed with sustainability in mind. “Studio De Voogt was inspired by the shapes sculpted by the forces of nature; drifting snow, water and sand. Noticing how sand dunes are timeless, yet ever changing gave the designers new ideas about line, flow and adaptability,” explained Feadship. Millions of tiny glass or stone chips, sealed in a transparent aliphatic polyurethane resin will adorn Dunes’ decks and sustainable maple wood will cover her outdoor spaces, as opposed to teak, as an eco-friendly replacement.

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Influenced by the automotive and aeronautical industries, Decadence embodies the spirit of 1920s motor racing. Imagined by UK-based Andy Waugh Yacht Design, the superyacht concept features a small-waterplane-area twin hull (SWATH), which minimises the cross section area at the sea’s surface. Showcasing a 30-metre beam and an interior volume of 5,000 GT, Decadence offers plenty of interior space, with the option of an extensive master suite measuring 20-metres wide, 30-metres in length and with three-metre high ceilings.

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Kicking off 2023 in style, renders of the bright orange 74-metre foil superyacht Plectrum were unveiled in January. The concept derived from the drawing boards of Italy-based design studio Lazzarini Design who wanted the yacht to lift above the water as she moved, giving the impression that she was ‘flying’. Plectrum has been conceived to be entirely constructed with dry carbon fibre composite materials, producing a super light motor yacht, reaching top speeds of up to 75 knots. Three hydrogen powered motors allow Plectrum to lift above the water’s surface and her bow lifting garage displays plenty of space for toys, tenders and even a car in her rear garage.

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Inspired by iconic 1960s sports cars and J-class sailing boats, Studio Agon described how Horus “exudes elegance in motion”. The engineering behind this project has been developed by NAMES studio, led by Francesco Rogantin. Natural materials and a neutral colour palette characterise the concept’s interior, showcasing an expansive upper deck owner’s suite, spanning over 100 square-metres. Featuring balconies on either side of the stateroom, a private office, opulent Jacuzzi and panoramic aft window, the suite is reminiscent of a private retreat. The lower deck houses a dedicated wellness and fitness area, with a fully equipped gym. Showcasing a hybrid propulsion system, Horus can operate in diesel-electric mode at medium speeds.

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Showcasing a dual-fuel engine diesel methanol propulsion system, renders of Orca 65 concept were revealed at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Influenced by elements of the natural world, President and Managing Director of Meccano Engineering commented on the design, “After extensive research on fuel alternatives, we have focused on e-methanol, considering it as one of the most promising and feasible alternatives with a clear potential pathway towards a future carbon-neutral supply.” Modelled off the 2019 Orca yacht project, the Orca 65 will maintain a similar interior volume, with at least 30 percent of the yacht’s range completed on methanol.

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Fittingly inspired by jewellery, Necklace was unveiled in May of this year by Francesco Struglia Design. The superyacht concept offers a semi-open space of 320 square-metres situated on the main deck, featuring opening terraces, extendable to 400 square-metres, complete with a gym and beach club aft. The upper deck houses the second enclosed saloon area of 180 square-metres, equipped with a double-height greenhouse in the forward lounge. The lower deck can be used as a cinema or spa and spans across 240 square-metres. "The project finds inspiration in the world of jewellery, for iconic and highly buildable shapes,” commented Struglia.

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The 2US sailing yacht concept has an intended crew size of two and has been designed to be operated by a capable couple. Displaying an ice-class hull, she can navigate through moderate ice conditions, exploring a variety of destinations. The concept features an integrated crane, capable of efficiently lifting and moving cargo, with a full-beam water-level garage, 2US can also accommodate a large tender and a U-Boat Worx Nemo submarine. The concept’s solid sail system ensures easy operation, allowing the yacht to be orientated in any direction during sale adjustment. 2US displays a multi-level layout, featuring curved walls and plenty of expansive windows, with near-panoramic views.

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